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 Sunday 14th July 2024
       15th Week Ordinary Time - Year B


For those of us, who are physically unable to attend Mass in person, there is a long tradition of broadcasting on Radio and TV, which is now being supplemented by satellite and by internet broadcasting. Pope Benedict XVI reminded us in his document on the Eucharist, Sacramentum Caritatis, that these broadcasts do not dispense the physically able from “going to church and sharing in the eucharistic assembly in the living Church”.
We include here a list of various means of joining in when you cannot be there in person. We would appreciate if any mistakes or additional information could be brought to our attention.


Sunday Mass is broadcast at on RTE Radio although it seems to be available only on Long Wave (252m) now and does not seem to be available on the internet. EWTN Radio is available on Sky - 0147.

hr-logo-296 is a not-for-profit Catholic radio run entirely by unpaid volunteers who live all over the UK and as far away as Canada and Nigeria.
Based at St John’s Seminary, Guildford, it broadcasts a wide range of programmes to appeal to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.


We have only been able to identify one station, which broadcasts Mass. This is the satellite channel EWTN, which provides a full schedule of religious programmes including Daily Mass at 1.00pm.
It is available on Sky on Channel 589.  Click HERE for a full guide to receiving EWTN

We have not got the RTE Television programmed time for Sunday Mass but see Internet below.


EWTN is also available over the internet providing virtually the same content as the main television channel above. Click HERE and choose from many options including Radio and English UK TV.

RTE Player on this LINK broadcasts Mass over the internet every Sunday and continues to have a recording available during the following week. This link points to the Religious Programmes Category, where you can select the option to view Mass on Sunday.

Churchservices is a company based in Ireland, which broadcasts live and recorded Masses from many churches including Daily Mass from Sacred Heart, Rochdale, St. Anthonys, Wythenshawe (9.00am) and Shrewsbury Cathedral (12.15pm).  There is also a Polish Mass at 18.00 on Sundays and like most Masses on the site, it is usually available for download and playback over the following week. Connecting to their site by clicking on this LINK brings you directly to the Sacred Heart Page. The schedule of current Masses available for viewing is available via that page as well.

NOTE : There is normally a small icon just below the videoplayer on these internet links; it is usually a rectangle and on some sites has arrows pointing diagonally outwards towards each corner. Clicking on this will change the video display to full screen. To return to the smaller size just press the Esc button. The quality of these internet services is quite dependent on the speed of your broadband connection, which can vary considerably during the day with the best quality usually being available in the mornings.