St. Vincent de Paul
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OL12 7QL

Parish Priest :
Father James Manock.

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Stay with us Lord JPG

    29th May - 7th Sunday of Easter - Year C

The photographs here are a random sample of items, which we have received during the course of developing the website.
We have received a series of photos from a former parishioner, Frank O’Donnell, and we have tried to put them in a short slide show, which you can view HERE. Our apologies to him that it only includes a few at present.
We would still be extremely grateful for copies of old photographs reflecting the life and times of our Parish. Please contact us if you have anything, which you think might be of interest. We have also added some pages of more recent major events.
Ordination of Fr. Frank Mulgrew
Ordination of Fr. Richard Howard
Papal Knighthood to James Mulgrew (Jimmy Cricket)

Please contact us also if you spot any errors of dates or names. Remember that many of these pictures are up to 60 years old and none of our memories are infallible.

May Queen in about 1953 at the old St. Vincents ChurchMay Queen abt 1952 St Vincents


Altar Boys L to R
Leo McNicholas, Anthony Shaw, Vincent McNicholas, Michael Cummings, Peter Sumner.
Cushion Bearer Peter Moore
May Queen : Moira Carr
Barbara White, Noeleen McEvoy, Angela White, Anne Murphy
(Thanks to Vincent McNicholas for the corrections)

One of the gate posts can be seen in the background. Both posts still stand and have been incorporated into the boundary wall of the houses built on the site. 


Whit Walk abt 1955
Whit Friday Walk 1954 / 55

Altar Boys (L to R)
John Murphy, Tony Shaw, Peter Sumner, Vincent McNicholas, Michael Cummings

Accrington Pipe Band

The photo was taken as the procession passed the western end of the Town Hall. Note the Police sign in the top left hand corner of the picture.

Whit Walk 1963

Whit Walk next to the Town Hall in about 1955.

Child of Mary (at front) Maureen Livesey (nee Duffy).
Win McGhee has identified her brother, John Sumner, carrying the statue at front right (head visible)
Tony Murphy is at the front to the right of John and Maureen

Can anyone name any others or provide an exact date?

Old St Vincents Altar scene 1

Prayers at the altar of the old St Vincents?.

Comment from Vincent McNicholas
“Definitely not St. Vincent's. There is a very good photograph of St. Vincent's altar in the History Notes where you will see 2 sanctuary lamps (one at each side) and no light getting in behind the altar (no window – just a curtain)
This is most probably from St. Hugh of Lincoln which closed about 80 years ago. (one sanctuary lamp and window behind the altar)”
St Hugh of Lincolns is definitely the favourite but the picture must be from an earlier date prior to screening off the window behind the altar with a curtain and a large painting and also the installation of a more elevated Tabernacle.

Does anyone have any further ideas?

Fr Stanley and Shrine Volunteers

Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine - Volunteers 1982


Fr. Stanley with Mike McGhee and Phil Bradley behind him
Fr Nathaniel on the right?
What about the others? Mike Harrington has named Joe Ford and Harold Stott in the front row, right hand side.

Fr Stanley Golden Jubilee



Canon Stanley celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination