St. Vincent de Paul
RC Church
OL12 7QL

Parish Priest :
Father James Manock.

01706 645361

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The Quiz, organised by Rochdale Catenians raised over 3000 from contributions from the Quizzers leading to a total around 6500 for Target Ovarian Cancer.






Special Update for Hope in the Future 3 (Sheet4)
Special Update for Hope in the Future 3 (Sheet 3)

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      2nd May 2021 Fifth Sunday of Easter (B)

The Week of Prayer commences next Saturday.
There will be a United Service for all our Churches at Norden Methodist Church on Sunday 19th at 2.30pm.
All are warmly invited and encouraged to attend.

Recently, Pope Francis stressed that Chrisrian Unity is an essential requirement of our faith, a journey of personal and community conversion to the will of Christ. Unity, he insisted, is a gift from God and our task is to welcome that gift and make it visible to others.

Rather than just a goal to be achieved, he said we should see the search for unity as a journey that we undertake together, with patience, determination, effort and commitment, knowing that all of us are sinners for whom God has infinite mercy.

Pope Francis cautioned against the idea of unity as ‘going back in time’ to incorporate one church into another. No one should deny their own faith history, he said, and no one should tolerate the practice of proselytism, which he called ‘a poison for the ecumenical journey’

True ecumenism, the Pope concluded, is when we focus not on our own reasons and ergulations, but rather on the Word of God which requires us to listen, to receive and to witness to the world.

Our Group of Churches Together have regular meetings and everyone is
welcome and the dates are usually published here and in our Parish Newsletter
What can we do better together than separately?
If you would like to know more, ask Dorothy Cannon or Mike Davis



As usual as part of our Christian witness on Palm Sunday every year, we plant a cross on Knowl Hill saying the Stations on the way.
We start at about 2.00pm here at St Vincent’s and visit Norden Methodist Church and St Paul’s before driving up to Owd Betts to carry the cross to the top of the hill. .




At_the_top_2018Sadly last year the cross was subject to repeated vandalism and little remained, when we we went at Pentecost to bring it back down.











This year on March 25th, as usual we gave witness to our faith carrying a cross & praying the Stations through Norden & then from Owd Bett's to Knowl Hill  where it will stay for the Easter Season.
Our thanks to all, who joined in this year.

In 1984 the Secretariat for non-Christians issued a document entitled ‘The attitude of the Church to followers of other religions’. which helps to explainand encourage our work. It suggests 5 essential components to evangelisation, all of which together form a kind of ascending order and unified structure

  • The living of one’s one witness as Christ’s disciple, even inadequately.
  • Concrete commitment in the service of the poor and needy in society.
  • Liturgical and contemplative prayerfor the outpourings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Entrance into inter-religious dialogue with others “in order to walk together towards truth and to work together in projects of common concern”.
  • The explicit proclamation of the Person, Life, Teachings and Deeds of Jesus Christ, with the aim of drawing others into the mystery.

The Launch of CTiNWRSt Vincent’s is a member (together with ten other local churches) of Churches Together in North West Rochdale, an interdenominational association of local Christian churches in our area. It was launched in 2004 (photo left) to encourage church members to associate with other local Christians



Palm Sunday Knowl Hill




We formally join together for a service in Christian Unity Week (January), plant a cross on Knowl Hill (Palm Sunday) right and Walk of Witness at Pentecost (below


Whit Sunday walk




We deliver cards to most inhabitants of the area (up to 10,000 homes) giving details of services at Christmas and Easter. In addition ecumenical discussion groups are formed during Lent and we join in carol singing at a local shopping precinct in Advent.


Our quarterly meetings, which used to be held for organisational matters have been thrown open to all church members and a visiting speaker invited so that we hear of other ecumenical initiatives.



Carols at Cutgate



St Vincent’s ecumenical contact :

Mike Davis, Tel. 01706 648309