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Corporation Road

These pictures relate to the period 1962 -75 when the school lived in the new building on Corporation Road, built on the Old School Playing Fields.

I am grateful to Sandy (Paul Sanderson 1963-68) for putting up his scanned picture of the whole school in 1967. This is then enlarged in 10 separate sections. Sadly I think I was absent on the day this was taken.


Senior Colts 1962-63

Paul Easby

Frank Heaven

Paul Pearson


Peter Dachowski (Later Captain of School)

Philip Johnson

? Spencer

Richard Agar

? Foot

Van King

Thomas Jones

Harold Mockett

John Bell

Paul Sheperd


? Bruce

Thanks to Philip JOhnson for the picture

John Leach

Ronnie Fletcher

Junior Colts Cricket 1964?
Back Row: Nick Burgess, Dave Humphrey, Eric Harrison, Kev Hipkins, Colin Gibson, Steve Thatcher, Dave Pritchard, Eddie Smith
Front Row: ? Keogh, Jim Vickers, Rob Myatt, Norman Maltby, Doug Gillett, Geoff Calvert, Paul Semple
Seated: Mike Taylor, Paul Stenson

Senior Colts 1965?
Back Row: Nick Burgess, Dave Humphrey, Colin Gibson, Jim Vickers, Dave Pritchard, Graham Marsden
Front Row: Mike Taylor, Paul Stenson, ? (I didnít play cricket), Norm Maltby, Kev Hipkins, Steve Thatcher, Paul Semple.

Junior Colts 1963/64
Back Row:John Harris, Dave Holding, Billy Highgate, JH Moore, Dave Humphrey, Kev Hipkins, Col Gibson, Allie Mockett. Middle Row: Ian Garrett, Norm Maltby, John Walkington, Rob Myatt, Dave Pritchard, Nicky Burgess, Mike Taylor. Front Row: Jim Vickers, Steve Thatcher, John Irving, Arnold Allum

Senior Colts 1965-1966
Back Row : Geoff Calvert, Paul Mitchell, Pete Astle, Graham Sivills, Nicholls, Eric Harrison, Ian Colclough, Jim Dinsdale, Wayne Tyson, Phil Judge
Middle Row : Ian Garrett, Dave Holding, Brian Flett, STeve Thatcher, Kev Hipkins, Nick Burgess, Billy Highgate, Rob Myatt, Mike Pearson
Front Row : Norman Maltby, ? Keogh, Simon Davey, John Moore

(standing)Graham Pettit, Richard Agar, Frank Heaven, Charlie Sharp, Phil Johnson, Mike Bath, Tony Coyne, Ged Brennan, Doug Gillett
(seated) John Leach, Alan Jones, Tom Jones, Peter Dachowski, Ronnie Fletcher, Charlie Barrass, Mike Crookes
(on floor) Trevor Dunford, Charles Vasey

(back) Steve Winter, Phil Johnson, John Knight, Peter Dachowski (standing)John Peacey, Richard Yorke, Steve Foster, Paul Easby, Tome Jones
(seated) John Leach, Brian Jack, Dave Medhurst, Don Pringle, Malcolm Hope (floor) Chris Baker, Ronnie Fletcher.

John Knight, Superb Athlete. Picture from Brian Jack