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Many thanks to Stuart Fawcett for organising the reunion for “Old” Coathamians that was held at Redcar Rugby Club Green Lane Redcar
from 6.30pm on Saturday 28th June 2003

On the links to the left, you will find one called OC Pics.... This holds pictures that people have sent to me instead of coming to the Reunion.

Also, the link 2003 Reunion takes you to the pictures of (surprise surprise) the 2003 reunion. Hope you enjoy them.

Thaks to Peter Chester for opening up the Sir William Turner Exhibition

He is always looking for new memorabilia so if your wife/mother/kids are trying to get you to part with some of that stuff, maybe you could send it to Peter to give it a good home instead.

Here are some of the people who came and their contact details. I will update this when I get the info from Stuart.


e-mail address

Graham Marsden (1962-70)

Andy Liddle (1962-70)


Tony Martino

Bruce Ross (1958-1962)

Peter Dunn

John Parnaby


Brian Jack (1949-55 pupil) 1960-66 PE Staff

Brian Thomson (1962-66)

Alan Seaton (1943-48)


Derek Hatton (1943-1948)

Ron Vickers

Graham Denison (1969-74)

Peter Dachowski

Andrew O’Connell (1968-75)

Joe Stoddart (1943-52)

J.B.Jones (1943-51)


Clive Parker (1945-51)


Winston (Bill) Fletcher

Steve Thatcher (1962-69)

Bill Downing (1966-70) X Form

Geoff Forrest (1968-75)

Donald W Easton (1946-49)

Kevin Wilkinson (1966-73)

Neil Grant (1966-73)

John Edwards (1961-68)

George Turnbull (1947-50)

Graham Sivills (1962-69)

Paul Urwin (1962-69)

Martin Verrill (1964-70)

Dave Baker (1964-69)

Dave Byron (1959-1966)

John Neesam (1960-1962)

Nick Burgess (1962-67)

Doug Kyle (1957-64?)

John B Wright (56-61)

Steve Green (69-74)

Peter Fletcher (1956-61)

Neil Davison (1962-69)

Colin Gibson (1962-69)


Dave Pritchard (1962-69)

Nick Strong


Nick Metcalfe (1963-70)

Dave Budding


Stuart Robinson (57-63)

Geoff Landers (1963-70)

Phil Broomhead (1963-70)

John Knight (1942-1949)

Neil Grant (1966-1973)

Dave Basnett (1956-60)


J Michael Goodswen (1950-1955)

Alisdair Gibbs-Barton (1968-75)

Donald W Easton (1946-49)

Malcolm Colclough

Ian Grainger

Robert Pickering

John Barton (1962-69)

Andy Thomas

Stephen Barber (1965-72)


John Walkington (1962-69)

Mike Marshall

David de Wolf (1946-48)

Ralph Whitehouse (1962-67)

Chris Baker

David Pressley

There are some people who definitely couldn’t be here (imagine using “ living in Australia” or “being 92” as an excuse). All, however send their best wishes and ask to be remembered to those of their own era. Names you may be familiar with are :

Gordon Lynas, John Nicholson, Cliff Elliot, Gordon Poulsom, John Reece, Peter Sirs, Andrew Jagels (65-72), Don Smith (working in Kosovo... huh.. hardly a gnats crotchet away), Alan Keen MP, Peter McGuigan (Silver Wedding Celbration in Australia), David Robertson (Red Barns 67-70), Robert Kirton (look out for fascinating contacts in “Where are they Now” next update, Frank Heaven (playing a gig), Mike Harland, Maurice Tyerman (aged 81), Eric Longstaff, David Leebrook, Des Simpson (51-52) California, John Newton, Gordon Smith, Chris Chester, Hugh Bernard (63-70), Chris Potter (63-69 Syria), John Selley, Ernie Borrie (aged 83), Ian Dunn (Marion - Bermuda Sailboat Race), Peter Brown (51-56 Norway Holiday), Jeff Clements (62-69 Portugal Holiday), Alan Booth (Italy Holiday), David Parker (59-63), Keith Lancaster, Tom Allan, Ken Speakman, Cecil Metcalfe (Aged 92. Daughter Jeanni wishes to be remembered to  David Laverick, Ian Fox as she was at Cleveland GS from 58-64), Leon Herrell, John M Holmes (Living in Australia) , Paul Forster

It is important to have a good idea of numbers, so could you please e-mail with your names as soon as possible
Please pass on the address of this site to anyone who might be interested. As I get replies, I will publish the names so you know who you might meet (or want to avoid)
Click on the Reunion tags on the left to see the picturesof previous reunions!

The full story of the May 10th Reunion for all those just turned “50 ish” can be found on
Paul Sanderson’s Site This also has some great reminiscences about Saltburn in the 50’s - 70’s