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Where Are they Now?

Sir William Turner and His Schools

A commentary by Peter M. Chester

Richard Agar 1959-1967
Having been introduced to your web site by one of my nephews in Canada I have looked over several “potted histories” of people I knew at school with great interest. Several members of my family attended SWT before me led by my father, Harold Agar who would have been 96 now had he lived. Mother still lives in Redcar at the tender age of 94 and looks set to reach the ton. My brother Colin who would have started in 1945 if my maths is correct and it was his son who passed on your details to me. Unfortunately Colin died many years ago after emigrating to Canada where his wife and sons still live. I also had a cousin by the name of Dennis Weller who went to SWT who I think still lives locally and we were all in Cochranes. There may be others hidden away somewhere and I apologise if I have missed them.
As far as I’m concerned I spent one year too many at the school in order to resit my A-Levels to get the right grades for University and I’m possibly the only Monitor who remained a Monitor for two years without promotion to Prefect. I played Badminton and Rugby for the school and also played the trombone in the school orchestra alongside Tony Chester who was the serious player. I remember the famous brass section led by Duggie West on trumpet and we always tuned up a few semi-tones apart to get Jo Brookes annoyed. I used to blame the trauma of moving from the real Coatham Grammar School to the new premises for my lack of exam results but that doesn’t explain the trend of 1A to 2B to 3C and I have to admit that sport, girls and perhaps even music played their part.
After SWT I went to Sheffield University and after yet another extra year of re-sits got a degree in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology, a qualification which has never been used or proof asked for since but I did work in engineering in Retford, Notts. and in Southampton before going self-employed with two launderettes and a dry cleaning business. ( I suppose a degree does help one to mend antique washing machines). After four years of handling other peoples dirty smalls I decided to “retire” to Cornwall where the in-laws lived and managed to live off the land and B & B for a few years before the mother in law decided I needed a proper job. Since then I’ve worked with Betterware in about every management position that exists and am still “doing Betterware” at the moment residing in Crewkerne, Somerset.
How, you may ask, did I go from Cornwall to Somerset, well the answer is via divorce and rehabilitation, then bereavement and rehabilitation to where I am now which is re-married with 3 + 1 step children and the first of my own due in April 2003.
I think I’ve done most things in reverse order or was it good planning?
The only school mate I have kept in touch with is my soul brother Alan Owen (Goz) who still lives locally.
Love to hear from anyone who remembers me although I can’t guarantee I’ll remember them as I can’t even remember dear old Graham S..

Duncan Ascough 1936-40
Whoops, I'm giving away my age! Some names of fellow students of my day come easily to mind; They include:
Raymond Pennock, Cochranes, from South Bank, Head Prefect, scholar and athlete extraordinary. He later became Lord Pennock. His brother, Charlie, also attended Coatham.Ian Bancroft, School, from Coatham, scholar but not quite the athlete Pennock was. Ian later became Lord Bancroft.
John Pearson, from Marske, Ingham's, prefect and fighter pilot who lost his life in WW2. John's younger brother, Vincent, also attended Coatham.John Sarginson from Marske, School, Monitor, also lost his life in WW2.Doug. Grabham, Saltburn, Cochranes, became navigator in Pathfinders, later bank manager. I attended Doug's funeral last December in Acklam. His brother, Geoff, also attended Coatham. Geoff played soccer at a good level (once played with Wilf Mannion at South Bank) and became an outstanding NYSD player. Cuthy Douglass, Storrs, a great all round student lost his life in WW2 as did another outstanding scholar, R.G.H. Anderson of School House.
I've wondered what became of Cecil Golightly and a chap called Shimeld, a prefect and scholar.
I could go on but will simply name names. I lived in Saltburn so travelled with the likes of Raymond Batty, Jack Booth (rescued at Dunkirk) Alan (Titch) Burnett, Tony Rambow, John Blaine and his brother, Cyril (?), Norman Bainbridge, Maurice Bainbridge, John (Jock) Adamson, Cyril Mazzetti.
Redcar pals of mine then and for some years afterwards included Ronnie Harrod who played cricket for Yorkshire 2nds. and Scotland and Harry (Polly) Henderson who for many years gave great service to Redcar C.C. as their Treasurer There were many other students but let's go to masters.
The Head was Rev. H.D. Littler (History and Latin). Housemasters were Messrs Gale (Maths), Golding (Maths?), Williams (Chemistry and Woodwork), and Pearson (Maths and Physics). Yes, "Little Billy" was there then. G.E. Gunner (English and Religious Knowledge) travelled on the train with us from his home in Saltburn. He was my favourite teacher, a lovely man. Boyce taught French, Chapman Latin, Dahl History, "Tommy"Jackson Chemistry, Webster Music, .I think the organist at daily assemblies was Buckley but what else he did I never knew. P.E. was given by the School Secretary one Captain Laister.
In the realm of trivia, perhaps, but of interest when it happened, Mr. Gale's son who had been a student in the school, was appointed to the staff shortly after I left. They were the first father and son to be on staff at the same time.
In my first year on the cricket team David Kidd and Ernie Nicholson were renowned and feared far and wide as extremely fast and very good bowlers. Harold (Toothy) Brown was a talented spin bowler. One of your subscribers mentioned Colin Rose who later became a teacher at Coatham. He played with me in my second year on the first eleven, probably 1939.
Me? I was on the rugby, cricket and athletics teams although I always preferred soccer. House captain (Cochranes) of those things. Those days we had six- day weeks, were required to attend school on Saturday mornings and compulsory games on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Many of us would greatly have preferred being at Ayresome Park but that, alas, has gone the way of Coatham School. Left in '40 to join the Forces pretty well immediately, got through that and emigrated to Canada where I've lived most of my life.Enjoyed reading the web and will continue to do so from time to time. Congratulations, and good luck with it.

Johnny Astle 1970 - 1975

Terry Aston 1964-71
I currently live in Norwich and work away during the week.
Terry is interested in any planned reunions

Dave Baker 1964 to 1969
Worked at Wilton for twenty eight years, just reached fifty and got paid off. Have a reasonable pension and now looking (not too hard) for a part time job.

Dave Basnett 1956 - 1960
Littlehampton Sussex.  Red Barns from 56/60 Left and Joined the Royal Navy 22years later joined the civilian way of life. At present working as a Project Engineer for Cofathec british arm of Gas De France. Once beaten by the beaks never forgotten. Peers of the day Derek Pellham. John Cromack. John Tillotson Bungy Barker was head. TV was the Quatermass series in the house masters lounge. Played Rugby for the school and North of england colts. Boxed swam, threw the javlin. If those silver cups are still around I hope they spelt my name correct.
Red Barns when last visited was a pub!!! Watneys red barrel.

Tony Begg
Dear Graham
I left Sir William Turner's in 1967 to go to Churchill College, Cambridge. I had been there since the first form. Remember it as pretty barbaric. My first year I kept getting kneed in the nuts by older boys. By the 5th form, used to slick down my hair with brylcream during the week, wash it out at the weekend. Got persecuted for it - made to pick up milk bottle tops. Usually the gym teachers ("Jasper" was a nickname for one of them - Mr Gray ?). They would witness the corporal punishment for each other, and arrange to do it when Barker and Macgregor weren't there. Macgregor (Chemistry teacher and assistant headmaster) and Tom Pearson (Physics) I remembered as reasonably human masters. Remember "Hardie" Kier, the French master, always marching me down to the headmaster's office (for defiance), and never actually ending up there. Liked Mr Sidaway - first exposure to any kind of philosophy. Remember he would help us spell with MEDI-TERRA-NEAN, and had this joke "Where did the Chaldeans come from ?" "Er.." "That's right". I remember an English teacher (Mr Watson ?) styled himself as "Flash Harry" - bit of a mean streak - had me stand in the corner, crushed me with the door and said "what have we got here - a bit of dirt ?". All because he told a joke and thought my laugh was put on. I also remember the first female teacher (the stuff of fantasies of course). And the 3 sixth form girls from the girl's grammar school that were there for alternate math. One was Pedro (?) Thornton's (Spanish teacher) daughter Helen - nice looking girl, great personality. Those were formative years and I think did me good overall. Fond memories really. My folks and brothers are still in Teeside. Was last there 5 years ago. Am in Trinidad, Colorado right now. Thanks for the page - brought back memories - especially the nicknames we had for the masters.
Best Wishes Tony Begg

Thomas Morton Birtwhistle 1921 - 1927
My name is Peter Birtwhistle, I live near Newbury in West Berkshire and I've come across your web page on Sir William Turner's School.
My father, Thomas Morton Birtwhistle (b 1910, d 1974) went to Sir William Turner's School and I have a photograph of him in a school football team from 1926. I know this is rather earlier than any of the details you've currently got but I thought you might be interested.
Unfortunately I don't have any other details of him at that time, or any of the other boys in the photo. He was in the RAF during the war and went on to become a history teacher, working up to his death in 1974.
I've attached a jpg of the photo, my father is the boy in the middle row, 2nd from left.

Mike Blackett
Graham, Stumbled across the site - seems a good idea, There was a school reunion at Redcar Rugby Club last summer organised by Stuart Fawcett who I think runs the Old Coathamians. You will find at Goodswen Solicitors on 01642 482424, or I can pass on a messages he is a technophobe with no access to the web. I know he has a considerable quantity of memorabilia and would probably be interested in having some input. Regards Mike Blackett.

David Boxall
Graham, thanks for the info.......... found myself on the school photo ..... how we have changed.
I recall a number of names Peter Medd, Ron Kennedy, Dennis Richmond and Ian Suggitt to name a few.

Phil Broomhead 1963 - 1971
I still visit Redcar regularly to see my father who lives close to the site of the 6th Form College. Good to see a picture of me when I had hair - no. 34 on the Big Side photograph. Brings back so many memories of enjoyable times.

Graham Brotton 1960-65
Hello, does anyone remember me? I was at Coatham & Red Barns 1960 - '65.
I recognise some of the faces in one of the photos. Frank Heaven for one, & Digby (forgotten surname) for another.
After working in the motor trade as a bodyshop manager for most of my working life, I went back to school - York Technical College for a diploma in 3 Dimensional Design, then to Newcastle Poly( Northumbria University) for a degree in 3D design.
I have worked here at the Uni for 6 years as Senior Technician in Transportation Design.

Jim Brotton 1958 - 66
I was in the same year as Phil Johnson, Fletch and few other hooligans. 3rd team rugby was great run by 'Rocky' Rhymer L6 form master and Applied Maths master. I was in the front row with Mel Mason as hooker - one of a group of us that lived in Saltburn and frequented the Ship Inn. I remember the old school pretty well - the quad and hall were very imposing - not as much as 'Trog' Barker who struck fear into us all. For some reason I remember room 17 in the playground, can't remember why.
The new school was amazing, apart from not being able to wear outdoor shoes. I managed to become part of the back stage crew, putting on music in the morning, lighting for plays... - the best was always Peer Gynt, and if I timed the 'In the hall of the mountain king' to coincide with the Head arriving I could guarantee a sideways glare. The deputy Head 'Mac' McGregor was good, his son was in my form and good fun.
If 'Shiny' Williams, our Bio master, hadn't been off his trolley - normally ending up with a long line of us in the hall outside the Bio Lab; and Tom Pearson hadn't been such an inspiration of a Physics Master, I would probably have taken Medicine instead of Physics & Electronics (University of Manchester with Mike Vry) and become a Techie near Cambridge.
We have lived outside Cambridge since 1977. Still, amazingly, married to the same woman (31 years!) with 2 grown up offspring -  son is a Naval Officer and daughter is a Vet. I have been running small technology companies for most of the time - had 2 products on Tomorrow's World, and still running a small company, managing technology rather than doing it. Mad keen sailor for 30 years, North Holland to Normandy plus East Coast. Played rugby for a while down in Kent, and then squash until the Achilles tendons started to go bang. Love skiing in the winter.
My parents moved down to near Great Yarmouth in the early 70's so trips back to Saltburn/Redcar were few and far between. Took my daughter back about 5 years ago to show her all my old haunts and some of the fantastic coast south of Saltburn. I still love Whitby. My wife is from Peel in the Isle of Man and we are always having debates about which is nicer, whose kippers are the best...
I have mainly happy memories about SWT, a good mix of students and some pretty good teachers. I think the education standards were pretty good and I certainly benefited from their attempts to discipline me, even if they failed in the end. I have never really grown up, my wife still lives in hope

David Bruce 1959-66
Thornaby -on-Tees/UK
Comments: : Joined British Steel Teesside after Newcastle Uni. in 1969 where I am still working today as Technology Development Manager on the Lackenby Site. Glad to here from anyone who was around at my time.

Peter Chester 1960 - 1967
Dear Graham,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Chester. I was a pupil at SWT 1960-1967 and was interested to come across your website. I am afraid I was not particularly sporty in upper school and therefore cannot at present add much by the way of information regarding the picture.
I am in fact Head of Humanities Redcar & Cleveland College, which is where the remnants of SWT now reside. In 1983, I succeeded Colin Rose as Head of History at the sixth form College, and as such I inherited odds and ends of historical material to do with the school over the past century or so. No doubt after me it will all go to an archive.
That said, we have a project in College at present which is intended to at least put the memory of SWT and his schools on the map. A wing of the College is being appropriately decorated and there will be a semi-permanent display of various items. Foundation Governors, one of whom is Tony Allison, are overseeing the project, and I am the nearest we have to a resident historian.
That brings me to your picture of the big side of 1968-9. We have a number of older pictures, but that is the most recent large group picture that I have seen, and I was wondering therefore if I could borrow it with a view to having a professional copy made. Even if we did not display it immediately, it would be a useful addition to the little archive we have. Best Wishes
Peter Chester

Roger Clarke 1957 - 1964

Jeff Clements 1962-69
Good to hear from you. Great web site, impressed. Memories come flooding back.
I attended the reunion at the Rugby Club a couple of years ago (very alcoholic night!!)
and still return to Redcar. I still play cricket for the Mariners CC (South Durham & North Yorks. touring side) and I still keep in regular touch with some of the lads. Colin Gibson, Nick Strong, Neil Division, Dave Pritchard all 'Boro supporters.

George Clemo 1966 - 1969
I stumbled upon your Willy Turner page today and it brought a wave of nostalgia on, but unfortunately no reliable memories of names or faces. I attended first form at the school for the '68-69 school year, after which my family emigrated to the USA, where I have lived ever since. My older brother Richard Clemo attended a few years longer than me, say from '66 to 69 when we emigrated. I believe he played rugby for the school. We lived in Saltburn, in a house ("Fairmount") on Marine Parade, overlooking the sea, and rode the train each day to school in Redcar. I vaguely remember Pritchard (No. 55 in your photo) being a prefect and star athlete during my brief tenure at Willy Turners. Alan Old (aka AGBO) was my first form home room teacher, and was absolutely the best teacher I ever had before or after. Other peers at Coatham from Saltburn included Peter Taylor, Peter Kirby, Douglas Robertson, someone I remember only as Gnasher (Frazier?) due to noteworthy dental features. I was in Coatham house (???-the one that had purple colours), and still have the colours tie I won for cross-country (cross-country being one event where sheer stubbornness can make up for the lack of athletic ability) hanging in my closet, although it is far too small to wear now. Other largely useless memories of teachers during that time: "Mandy" someone (probably Davies); a female teacher who was pregnant during the '68-69 year, exciting a great deal of sophomoric jokes and comments. S.E.T. Hodgson (Seth)- history teacher Ted Heath-French teacher Tufty ??? Brown??? -art teacher Chris Old (AGBO's brother; bowled for UK) phys. ed. teacher (?) "Trogg" Barker-headmaster; once lectured us at an assembly following some minor outbreak of disobedience accusing us of being "Bolshies." I now live in Roanoke, Virginia, where I masquerade as a lawyer, with wife and 2 boys, ages 10 and 13. Well, good luck with your website. Best regards. G.J.A. Clemo

Tony Clifford 1960-1967
My name is Anthony Clifford, now known as Tony. I attended SWT 1960-67, travelling by train from Saltburn with Bruce Hamilton and several others. I now live in Romford, Essex. I'd love to hear more about some of the terrific athletes around at that time, in particular the runners Tony Moore and John Myatt. Inghams House seemed to be particularly strong at cross country, if we weren't much good at anything else! I was a 1st XV rugby player but also developed a taste for running which stayed with me until my mid-40s, when a medical condition meant I had to stop pounding the streets, very reluctantly.
I'm also interested in any news about Lorraine Barker, who was at Cleveland Girls School around this time, and lived in Lune Street, Saltburn. Her brother David was at SWT. For the benefit of anyone who remembers me, I have had successful careers in librarianship and computing, and can be contacted at and .

Ken Clinton - 1966 - 71 From Janet Clinton (his Sister)
As an Old Girl (feeling very old!) of Cleveland Grammar from 62 to 69, it was interesting to hear how some of our old compatriots are faring!
Perhaps of more interest to some of you out there, is my brother, Ken Clinton,
at SWT from 66 - 71, or thereabouts.He played hockey for the school& was involved
in many sporting activities: tennis, rugby, soccer etc. He went on to train to be a PE teacher.
Unfortunately, Ken was killed in a motorbike accident in 80 in Holland, where he was working at the time.
Mum often reminisces about his school days & wonders what happened to his friends.

Malcolm Colclough 1969 - 1974
Graham, The last meeting of the Old boys was on 24th June at the Rugby Club. It was my first time, but well worth it. They meet every 5 years, so you'll have time to save up for the next one! The guy who organises them is called Stewart Fawcett on 01642 477201. Give him a ring and he'll put you on his database. I didn't join Willi Turners until 1969, so we won't have met. Just buy me a beer in 5 years time!!

Richard Cole 1963-67
Greetings Graham, I came across your site at the weekend and it stimulated so many memories. I could only have named perhaps two masters before seeing the site but reading contributions brought back so much. How could one forget Miss Davis? After poor 4th year results, due no doubt to wandering thoughts, we had her replaced as English Master by “Trog” Barker himself. His boast that he had never had a failure in English was destroyed by my spelling. If anyone remembers me it’s probably from the spelling test results read out at morning assembly. Fortunately the rest of his staff had more success with me.
I was at SWT for four years, 63-67, coming in from Brotton after a “13 plus” examination together with Chris Potter and (?) Riley from Guisborough. I left after ‘O’ level, eager to get to sea where I still am, albeit not so eager. The only lasting contact I’ve had since leaving SWT was with Ian Garrett and his wife Veronica. I was introduced to my first wife, Sue Ramsdale by them. Sue was a close neighbour of another OB, Neil Davidson.
I was in the same form as Billy Highgate, hero of “Stubby’s Silver Star Show” and all the names he mentions are familiar though I can’t put faces to many of them. I have one of the complete school photographs that other contributors mention and it shames me that I can put so few names to it. After leaving SWT I became an Engineering Cadet at Southampton and worked up to Chief Engineer during 16 years with P&O. I loved the job and for most of the time my wife accompanied me, sailing completely round the world on her first trip. During this time we lived in Staithes, close to my ancestral roots. As things deteriorated in the Merchant Navy I joined P&O Scottish Ferries and for the past 18 years I have been Chief Engineer on Passenger Ferries serving the Northern Isles, Orkney and Shetland. I now live in Aberdeen with my second wife, Linda.
Many thanks for your hard work and effort in creating a site which brings back such warm memories. Also thanks to all the staff who, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, gave me so much. I’ve always been proud to say I was at Sir William Turner’s Grammar School

John Collard Art Teacher
Hello Graham,
Hope it is not intruding on your site as I was neither a pupil or a master at SWT. I am John Collard's daughter and do remember a number of the pupils. I am wondering what happened to and if there is anyone out there remembers and knows "Where are they now" the following.Mr Piotrowski Polish French teacher Peter Murgatroyd English Mr (Shiny Williams) Science I guess he must be deceased now but does anyone know of his family since Redcar
Gerald Coles Pupil I believe, became MP for Stockton Tim Downes Pupil (Very good at acting) Harry Atherton Pupil (Very good at the Sciences and Arts)
My fathers nickname I cannot remember only that he found it very amusing. Anyone remember it? My father died, a frustrated artist, in 1969 aged 74. He absolutely loathed his time teaching art. It was the first job he ever had. Rest of his life, he was a freelance painter, which meant until he got a post at SWT, at my mother's insistence, we never knew where the next meal was coming from. I had 12yrs in Redcar and it holds many happy memories. On my father's retirement he went back south but never really managed to make a decent living, painting. That was a shame because he was a very competent painter and had flashes of great works from time to time. Am now on the constant lookout for any of my father's paintings, as he did so much work when in the north and I know a lot of scenes of Marske, Kirkleatham and Redcar sands were painted. So, if by any remote chance anyone knows of the whereabouts of these, I would be so grateful.
Anne (Collard) Kember

Davy Cornick 1973 - 1975
Dear Graham,
Enjoyed your site very much and would like to add my own contribution. Sadly I came to SWT at the end of its life - entering the school in 1973 and only enjoying two years before the comprehensive metamorphosis into Saltscar School. But those two years were well worth it! Obviously, being of a later generation, a lot of the names on the site are alien to me, though some are recognised. I did know Brian Flett, as he taught me at West Dyke School in the early 70s. Altough still a young man at the time, he was a gifted and articulate teacher who left a lasting impression upon those of us fortunate to be in his classes.
Dave Power I remember through Sunday morning football, when he ran one of the local teams. Chris Ellis gets a mention  by one of your contributors, he was Head Boy in my first year.
Billy Highgate is, of course, known to many, and only this week his photo' was in the Evening Gazette in one of their "Remember When" features. Of my own contemporaries, I remember them all, but come across few. I am still in touch with Nigel "Harry" Harrison (Now living in Cardiff) and Paul "Arthur" Reason, with whom I work. Always the underachievers, we now work for a well known steel company. I occasionally see my old friend Colin Lewis.
Some of your older visitors may remember my brother Billy Cornick (1963-68) or my brother-in law Robert Nightingale (1960-67ish?). The more antiquated may remember my uncle, Stanley Upton (Early 1950s). My cousin, Gary Blackmore was in the year above me, entering in 1972.
Trog was still in charge, being so until the old school passed on in 73. Tony Allison was a passionate promoter of the cricketing and rugby arts. Someone mentioned Baz Land, every time I see Brian Blessed  I think of him! Tufty Brown taught us "Craft" - the use of clay and such. Although my tenure   at Swt was sadly short, I remember it with a smile. Power to your site!

Bob Cromack 1957-62
Anyone remember those happy years!!!! Bob Cromack from scarborough
here, now living in the depths of Wiltshire would like to hear from
anyone at Red Barns in those years and especially any who
remember "Little Billy" who taught maths.

Paul Crowe 1968 - 1975
Contact: Tel: 2333 - Customer Service Team, 5th Floor West, Queens Walk
Hi Graham, You can add me to your list - I was at Willys from 68 - 75, 1N originally then 2J onwards to the sultry 6th! Compatriots would be GC Booth, Steve Chance, 'Flash' Carr, the Forrest twins, Grande-Tete, Dixon [Dicko], Glenn Dobson, Pete Sproxton, Keg ,Gibbs_Barton [on your list I see] - I have photos of a few people around the school taken in 75, before we left, plus a couple of old Yellow Books in the attic, and my fading signed programme from 1975's production of 'Midsummer Nights Dream' performed with the 'gurls' of Cleveland Grammar. I well remember the snowball rule - I was caned for it for chucking a slushy ball in full view of Trog - he was paranoid about it - no paper planes either! Please feel free to post my details and I'll dig around the memory banks to see what else I can recall. Haven't lived in the NE since leaving in 75, most of the time in London and out to Carshalton in Surrey, and now live in Brighton.
Great site, Cheers , Paul

Peter Dachowski
Many congratulations to you on your initiative. I had tremendous fun, having stumbled across this site while "surfing" in Pennsylvania, reading all the comments of others and particularly about the teachers. I ran into Simon Davey by chance when his firm succeeded in landing a consulting assignment with mine. He did great service and continues to work and live in Cambridge
I was Head Boy and Captain of the 1st XV in 1965-66. The really good team on which I had the privilege of playing was, however, the 64-65 one, captained by Richard Yorke, in which I played No 7. Mike Davies (who was No 8) came to my wedding reception in the States in 1977. He was living in Canada at the time. French is a working language for me in my current responsibilities ;Messieurs Moorhouse and Thornton would have been proud.....
 Peter Dachowski (58-66)

Rupert Davey
Hi, I'm Simon Davey's eldest son (21). I'm currently at High Wycombe Uni reading Computer Engieering. Great site, seeing the old man in his prime!!! Ha

Graham P Denison 1969 - 1974
Scary photo on your web site... did we really look like that... maybe I didn't I started at Wm Turners in 1969. I remember wearing a cap, I was in Storrs house, in G classes. I'd gone to Coatham CofE before 'big school' and by was it big ! Funny how you remember the role call, at least some of it, ring any bells ? Armitage Bishop Campbell Colclough Crane Denison Dobey Easton Forbes Forrest Hampson Hawkey Heathcock ----- McKenzie Mather ----- Then I loose it ! I've had contact with a few Old Coatamians, I found a few via Web White Pages. Remember Bazza Land ? I recall a prefect Chris Ellis, and there was a Fleetwood Mac Tarcus album cover on the wall in the prefects room. Were you there when we did HMS Coatum ? Funny thing memories !

 Jim Dinsdale
Hi Graham, Jim Dinsdale here.Well done on the site!
That Wright vs.Burgess drinking contest actually took place in a scout room on Station Rd.The chosen weapon was a pint of the very "best"cooking sherry purchased from an exclusive supplier namely the offi next to West Dyke school,where it had been lain down next to the radiator for at least a couple of weeks in its cask of carefully seasoned polythene.The contest itself,watched by several if not more yes not more was not the best spectator sport .They poured the driink equally and then....they drank it!...nothing!We decided to go to St Peters youth club.
By the time we arrived Don was getting how shall we say..raucous?and we thought it best to secret him under the stage.Nick Burgess still standing and apparently alive was declared winner and disappeared into the night!
As the minutes passed gradually so did Don's transformation into Calban.His performance, relegated from"on stage"to"neath stage",involved the smashing of much of the furniture stored there(a tendancy he embraced well into the sixth form!)with an accompaniment of much blaspheming and yes vomiting...nice.
The commotion ,inspite of us turning the music up untypically high,had become noticeable as we could'nt fully shut the understage sliding door.A gap wasleft just big enough for a tabletennis ball to pass through and lo it did!and it would just have to be the youth club leader's would'nt it!He retreived it inspite of our desperate and nonsensical protests and was awarded a vision of sickening self & timber-related destruction.Don was subsequently dragged cadaver-like from his lair managing to compose himself momentarily when confronted with a dog-collared figure only to blurt out a plaintive"Sorry vicar",a phrase that would haunt him for many a day to come!You was only a curate! Oh how we laughed!(I don't know.How did we laugh?)Well we laughed almost as much as we did when,carrying Don home,we stumbled upon the prostrate and completely out of it form of "The Winner"down alley next to the youth club.
Happy days .Those Blue remembered Pills..Hills I mean!

Anyway Sivs whats with this Irish Celtic Folksy whatnot?I thought you were Redcars answer to Donald(Duck)Dunn (Booker T & MGs)!
Nick Burgess..looked like Ginger Baker....played like Hilda..Sorry Nick in truth I only saw him play once .
Anyway this is my first email on my new set top internet box so I hope it's successful and that it's added to the overall picture of the early days.
Regards and well done again.
Jim Dinsdale.

Andy Dodds 1967-1972
Found this site thru friends united - recognise most of the masters - AGBO / SETH to name two but do not recognise any of the pupils - perhaps no-one from my era has joined - although I'm sure John Lister was in my year. I left 5F in 72 - and I remember 'Rocker' Rowett was the form master at the time - Some of the classmates I remember and would like to contact are Gary Griffiths / Col Smith / Richard Mackay - I keep
in touch with one former Coathamian - Dave Powell (and indirectly his younger brother Geoff). If anyone recognises them or keeps in touch please let me know. Thanks, Andy Dodds

Ian Dunn 1955-59
Rye, NY, USA
Comments: I would love to hear from any of my fellow inmates from 1955-59. I managed to escape to the US or I'm sure I'd have ended up in jail. 

Andy (‘lurgi’)Dunwell Sir William Turner’s Grammar & 6th Form College 1969 - 1976
Failed to achieve the necessary ‘A’ levels/grades for my intended career (why was there no ‘A’ level in Bridge or Rock Bands or underage driving?). Crapped myself at the thought of a life on the dole and joined Cleveland Police on a wing and a prayer a few weeks later.
Lat month (Nov 2002) retired early from the police after 26 years and a recent ‘bad do’ - which is why I am here. I’ve lost chunks of long term memory but at least I’m physically sound - if a littl eoverweight (wasn’t I always?)
Reading the entries brought some of it back i.e. George Thompson (surely teh best English teacher ever?) long tall flame haired Ginna, the names fo Gary Johnson and eth Sandersons - but how I know them or where they fit into my life is a blur.

Can anyone fill me in on details of classmates, nmoteable incidents or infamous happenings?
I remember nicking off over the fence on Athletics spotrs day in 4th form and being hunted by Dobbo, Stallard and their pack of human bloodhounds for teh rest of teh afternoon. I don’t remember being lashed by MacGregor, which suggests I got away with it.
I believe I was mediocre at sports - so why did Craig Beer present me with School House colours for Rugby?
Happy Days... I think

Andy Fletcher 1970-?
Great Site Sir!. Wonderful to see pics of my Dad (Peter) and uncle (Ron) in their “prime”. I went to the 6th form collegeand have posted soem pictures you are welcome to use. Cheers Andy.

David Fretter 1965 - 1970
Graham, I was fascinated to stumble across the SWT site. I was an inmate at Red Barns from 1965 to 1970 and recognised a number of the faces and having lived alongside several of them for five years have many memories of that time. I was a gloriously under-achieving schoolboy and can recall one of my last conversations with the Trogg prior to my departure when he assured me that my five years had been a complete waste of his time and mine and he was certain that I'd amount to nothing! Perhaps he was right because after spending the last 25 years working all over the country for a number of banks I've now washed up in Stockton as the Head of Call Centre for Churchill Insurance. Living in Yarm I've not heard from anyone since leaving and have often wondered what became of them all..Of the faces in your photograph I particularly remember Ian Walkington, David Bradley( who must have earned his England under 15 Rugby cap around this time), Dave Smith ( BOL being short for Barrel on Legs ) Howard Targett who was seven foot tall even then. I also think that I can identify number 60 as Peter Flood. Seeing Doug Gillet brought back happy memories of blackboard rubbers being thrown across the classroom. He would spend a lot of time at Red barns with his mate Keith Dobson our Geography teacher and an enthustic rugby player himself. I can recall Gerry Riches our PE teacher enthusiastically beating me across the backside with a gym shoe for reasons that were never made clear. Likewise I spent many a happy hour stood outside the door of the classroom after being slung out for talking by Tony Allison. I remember Seth Johnson and Ernie Escott and of course Phil Hargreaves who was house master at Red Barns and another regular adversary of mine!! Happy days? Not at the time but I do have to say I look back now and have happy memories of those days. I still have a photograph of all of the boarders taken on the lawn at Rewd Barns in 1966/67 and looking at Trogg Barker still brings me out in a cold sweat!!!!
Regards , Dave Fretter

Alisdair Gibbs-Barton 1968 - 1975
I was at SWTs from 1968 to 1975. I flunked Poly, joined Customs & Excise and have moved about the country a bit before settling down here in Blyth, Northumberland. I'm a local councillor (on Blyth Valley District Council ( if you want to see the piccy) and a magistrate. I think I have become the establishment that I spent so many years rebelling against!!
I'm married (to Sheila who I met on a trip to France) with one son, (Andrew, born 1988)
If anyone remembers me and wants to get in touch, then I'd welcome e-mails. Regards to all.....
Alisdair Gibbs-Barton

Peter Gordon 1960 - 1967
Lived in India for 22 Years and now in beautiful Maui. Life is good and getting better like good wine. LOve and aloha to all. May all beings live with ease.

Steve Green 69 - 74. Just read the pages which brought back a few memories. I`m the same vintage as Graham Denison & Mal Colclough. All I can add to Denos register are Steve Gibson, myself, Paul Hampson, Carl Pearson, the Sanderson twins - Ian & Robert, Colin Stango, Eric "ginna" Johnson and Yates (paul?) Also my friends David Coatham & Philip Buczko, same year but G & X streams respectively. I left in 74 & did an army apprenticeship in electronics followed by 13 years fixing radars, a short spell as a publican at the Somers Arms in Leigh Sinton near Malvern, Worcs. Moved to Buxton in Derbyshire where I have now worked at the town hall for ten years as an environmental health technical assistant. Anyone is welcome to E mail me as I get back to the old stamping ground now & again to visit family in Saltburn Skelton & Guisborough (excuse spelling) Keep up the good work.
Steve Green

John Gummerson 1960-67
Excellent web site - great to read about contemporaries. Reading Tony Clifford's entry brought back all sorts of memories - mostly happy - of my time at SWT - Also interesting to learn that Pete Chester is still around Redcar. Someone mentioned John Ryan who was a couple of years above me but I remember him from the swimming team - any other swimmers out there? I remember how Storrs House always won the swimming shield. Little Billy Pearson was House Master, and if I remember right also our Form Master in Form 1A, and he taught us Maths - I can still rattle off some of the Geometry theorems we learned by rote.
After university (Nottingham - French) I've spent virtually all my working life in the NHS and am currently Head of Information Services at Ashford & St. Peter's Hospitals Trust in Surrey. I live in Portsmouth (Southsea) married with 2 children - Helen who now lives in Croydon and Matt who is in his 2nd year at Portsmouth Uni. Mr Barker (the Trog) retired down to this part of the world (Emsworth) just along the coast but he died a few years ago.
I'm still in touch with Mike Bath who lives in the Lake District so we only get to meet up once a year. His wife's family have a house in Corsica and we met up there three years ago when our holidays coincided. During a very alcoholic dinner on the terrace of the family home Mike and I gave a drunken rendition of Gaudeamus Igitur (God knows why!) - what the locals made of it I don't know.
I am in less than frequent contact with David "D" Robins who is now semi-retired after a successful career in the City.
Does anyone remember my brother Alan who left in c. 1960/61. Unfortunately he died of cancer in November 2001. He had an "interesting" life latterly living and working in Greece where he finally found the happiness and peace of mind he had long been searching for. Dave Horner, a contemporary of his, came to his funeral. Dave mentioned "Corky" Hall who is now living in Australia.
With best wishes John Gummerson

My name is Basil A Gunn. I was at Sir William Turners from 1944 to 1950. I was a member of the school boxing team at the time when John Chicken was the captain of the team. I have a photo which I will scan and send ASAP. Since leaving school I have spent my whole career working in Industrial laboratories. First in the steel works at Warrenby. then at ICI eventually going to work abroad in 1977 since that time I have been lucky enough to work all over the world in a total of 15 different countries as far apart as Nigeria and China.  

Stuart Haines
I have just had another chance to have a look at your school photograph.I am prety sure that the chap numbered 20 is Alan Jackson. I still see him regulary he was in the same form as me as was Paul Urwin But where Paul Urwin was one of the swatters in the class we were always getting the cane.
Others I remember in the same form apart from what paul has told you are
Graham Walker, John Semple, David Shaw,Alaister Mocket. Graham Nichols,Robert Judson David Keogh, Michael Coulson. Im at a dead end at the moment but will continue to think.
Some of the teachers were Pop Hudson Tony Allison Mr Jacks Geps ,(Mr Sidaway With His Meschersmitt) Weedy Warne Mr Cooke Seth Hogson.Mr Mcgregor,He hurt when you got the cane, Doug Gillet, Mr Ingham. Who was the Lady Teacher with the big knockers?. Can you remember Mr sidaways last day His Bubble car finished on the armoury roof.
Well I think I have taxed my brain enough for now if I think of any thing else I will let you Know.
Dave Pringle another class mate.
Stuart Haines Dormanstown Community Forum Chairperson,Dormanstown Regeneration News Chairperson
Visit our website at

Billy Highgate 1962 - 1965

Dear Graham,
It was terrific to receive your E-mail and apologies for the tardiness of this reply. I have recognised one unidentified face in your big side photograph! Number 45, I am 99% certain is Ian Garrett. He was the only person in our year who
lived in Warrenby!! He was in the same class as myself and Brian Flett and played on the wing in our junior colts year. A kid called Steve Thatcher played on the other. The only real school photograph I have is the one of our junior colts team. I remember vividly that we only lost one game that year and that was against Grangefield. We beat them on the return! It's funny how things stick in your mind for years and years and some things you forget almost the instant they happened.
You ask what has happened over the last 30 years!! I'll try and be brief!!
I left school in 1965 and made a very decent living working as a cabaret entertainer in the night clubs, workmens clubs etc etc plus tours of the American service bases in Europe, hotels and nights clubs in Norway, night clubs in Australia and cruise ships.
In 1983, I agreed to work for Princess Cruises in the States for what was intended to be a year only. I never came back. It was good quality work, well paid and the thought of returning to workmens clubs in England, patronised by those who were rapidly becoming more and more absorbed with bingo and less and less interested in entertainment, was just too much to handle. So I stayed!!
My Dad passed away in 1987 and I remarried in 1988. I seem to have done a complete about turn as I am very happy with two small sons, 8 and 5. Of course, having them late in life may well preclude me from being as active as I would like to be when they reach their teens.
I now work as a Cruise Director for the company and spend about 8 months of the year at sea. My family get to travel with me during school holidays which the boys love. It's no big deal to my wife because we met whilst she was working as the lead dancer on the same ship.
We live in Los Angeles which is an "interesting"place to live.
As I mentioned before, the only person I really kept in touch with was Brain Flett, or "Tonk" as we used to call him at school. He married and they adopted a boy who is now himself married with a family. Tonk was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors pretty much told him that his chances were fairly slim. He fought it to the end though. I still keep in touch with his wife at Christmas etc.
I often think about the guys who were in our year and wonder what happened to them. I saw Scaf once when he was selling cars at the garage at the top of the Trunk Road and saw Paul Mitchell when I was working at a night club in Nottingham and he was at university. I think I bumped into Norman Maltby a couple of times too. What happened to people like David Humphfrey, Nicky Burgess, David Pritchard, Kevin Hipkins, Eric Harrison.....I could go on and on!!

Living here,I doubt that I would ever get to a reunion but would like to know when one is happening. I get back to Redcar infrequently. The only reason I have to go is to see my Mam. I would like her to move out here, but in practical terms, at 82, I think the culture change would require too much adjustment.
Please contact
Graham Sivills for Billy’s contact details

Eric Holding 1947-52
Attended SWT's Grammar school from September 1947 until April 1952.Although this may not please every one I was at school with John Watson in fact we went to the same junior school and I sat beside him in the first form 1B.Excellent chap good friend very keen on cricket. I find it quite hard to recognise the same character that some people describe in their memories of school life. I wonder what has happened to all my contempoaries I've viewed these pages and the main entry but until today I have been unable to spot any - that is until I saw the entry by Brin Jenkins. The dates are about right and I'll have to contact him for confirmation but what has happened to all the others? Now I obviously wasn't friendly with all of my year but I do remember a lot of them
Adrian Pearce(Sc)-Malcolm Stirzaker(C)-Kenny Baines(C)-Brian Collinson(I)Gerald Northcoat Walker(C)who could forget a name like that? If you know of the whereabouts of any of these bods or you happen to remember my name then please feel free to make contact.
Best regards to all.

Graham Holliday 1966 - 71
great site Graham, As for me I started an electrical contracting company in 1976 and have just sold it to move into thermography. I have two sons Tony 24 and Martin 22. Occasionally I see Paul Wood. He lives in the U.S. Also Alan Hines (Alfy) who ran a successful garage business until recently when he sold it. Now living in Castleton

Terry Horsham 1939 TO 1945.
Hi from Adelaide in South Australia again.Was pleased to find this page but have only seen a few names from the distant past of Littler and Willis days.Of course little billie,conk golding, jackson ,shiny williams and of course the music man whose name just escapes me.
There are a few old boys over here,Bernard Pidd in Tasmania,Ken Grasham in Sydney I believe, but of course in our 70s we will be a few less nowadays.But I remember many names like Denny Walker,who I saw in the Remember When paper which my sister in law sends us
So if any of you remember Terry Horsam of Storrs from Sandringham Rd best wishes.

Malcolm Humphrey ? 1951 - 1957
I started at SWT on a cold January morning in 1951 having moved from a much less formal Grammar school in Durham. In those days the school hall was reminiscent of Hogwarts, with masters and prefects alke looking intimidating in their gowns. S.G. Barker had just succeeded a Mr Lister and he ruled with fear from day one. I never grew to love the school but I do have some fond memories mainly playing rugby and cricket for th ecolts and travelling to away games to what to a young boy seemed far flung places like Archbishop Holgates and Ampleforth College. Other memories aare of going to speech days at the “new pavillion” and Founders Day service at St Peter’s church wearing teh best [pair of flannels that only saw the light of day once a year. My contemporaries, to name but a few were: Baz Cowell, Maxie Cook, Roger Cook (who traigically died at a young age) Dave (rastus) raine, gaffa Hornsey and many more. I have spent most of my working life abroad and now live and work in Hertfordshire as site superintendent of a school local to my home. I visit Redcar about twice a year and was heartened on my last visit to see that some money is at last being invested after years of neglect.

Kim Hunter 1966 -69
Left with family for Australia and returned to UK in 74 though parents and sister still live in Melbourne. Fond memories of Saltburn Junior and Infants, then 3 years at SWT, particularly the sports activities.  People of my era include - Jerry Boyd, Neil Rawlinson, Graham Hogarth, Fergus Grant, John Thornton, Robin Flintoff, Martin Thatcher et al.
Regards to anyone who remembers that far back!!

Brin Jenkins 1943?-51
Hi Graham, I am Brin Jenkins and attended Coatham up to 1951. I left Sir Wiiliam Turners in 1951 the year of the exhibition and moved to Brighton with my parents. Although my school days are not remembered with happiness the grounding in physics and art stood me in very good stead. Mr Collard was an understanding and kindly man with an awesome presence. He taught this maladjusted teenager to draw and encouraged me where some other masters gave up.
Through my life I have been able to put my ideas to paper and see the finished result before starting. The pity is that the school is no more, I it owed much, the hard grounding in my education gave me a degree tenacity sometimes called B, mindednessI moved away from the NE in 1951 to B'ton attending college  and then into the RAF were my education was improved as a BE at Cosford.  From a time when only the queer (old meaning)  read science fiction , I was involved with early man in space research at Farnborough  and saw the third shuttle launched in Florida.  I worked with the man carrying centrifuge and have been looking for a road vehicle to match its acceleration ever since. I do wonder what ever happened to the youngsters that I see on old photos. Ian Denny , Dave Keen, Mike Parsons I have met up with, but not Kenny Bains. My cousin, Geoffrey Coats  was a pupil in 1957? He now lives in the US. and owns  the Magnetic Levitation patents for transport on light rail systems.
I  now live in Cornwall growing trees on a small holding with my wife and would be pleased with an email contact.
Cogito cogito, ergo cogito sum.
Kindest wishes
Brin Jenkins
please vist our  sites .

Gary Johnson 1969 - 1975
Just found your website. Can you add me to your list? Details: 1969-75 Corporation Road 1975-76 Sixth Form College Regards Gary Johnson

Phil Johnson 1959-66
What a fascinating discovery your site was. I have attended tha last two reunions at Redcar Rugby Club and still keep in contact with Ronnie Fletcher who still lives in Redcar. I can confirm that no 52 on your big site photo is in fact a Jones by name Alan. I was at Coatham with his brother T.W. - Tom Jones (oh no not that one.) I was at Coatham with Tom from 59 to 66.

Ron Johnston : 1965 - 1972
Came across the site via Friends Reunited as recommended by a friend.
Travelled widely and so little contact with the old school since I left. Still visit family in New Marske regularly and bumped into John Cushley in the pub on my most recent visit.

Bill Lambert 1959-66
Lost touch with most schoolmates after going to Medical School in '66 and then moving around the country as a junior doc. in training. Finally ended up as a consultant general and vascular surgeon and also exec.Medical Director to Chesterfield & N.Derbyshire Royal Hospital NHS Trust.
Still visit N.E. to see mother and brother who still live locally (Guisborough and Normanby respectively) and would be interested to hear from any old friends.

David Laverick 56-63
Hi, Just came across your site by way of a series of links from Friends reunited.
I was at Coatham from 56 to 63 having previously been at Batty School on Laburnam Road. I did a term in the 3rd year sixth but then pushed off to earn some money before going up to University in London.
David Moore came up to London at the same time as me but sadly committed suicide during his training at the Middlesex Hospital. I kept in touch with Derek Pierson for a few years but lost contact when he went to Africa. Tony Warnock Smith who was my partner in the 61 & 2 Tennis Teams followed me to King's London.
My staff memories are particularly of Colin Rose and 'Seth' Hodgson (who probably did as much to mould my style of writing as he did to teach me history. I certainly remember "GEES" Siddaway and his Messchersmitt bubble car.
My first form master was "Bill" Gibson. I assume he must have taught me but can't remember what his subject was though I do remember seeing him pay cricket for Redcar. I was taught Maths by 'Conk' Golding and "Little Billy" Pearson, English by Phil Hargreaves who was the House Master at Red Barns, French by Louis Moorhouse and Mr Thornton.
John "Jaspar" Gray lived fairly close to me and died when he was still fairly young. Latin was taught by Roy Roebuck who also died when still quite young.
 I live in York but commute down to London with occasional forays around the rest of the UK.
David Laverick

John Lee 1964 - 1970?
Being a couple of years younger than yourself & those in the photo of The Big Team,I am not much use in the way of putting names to the faces but no5 Ithink could be H.H.Bernard(a prefect giving lines during my early years & 47 who could be Tony Coyne who as I remember was another prefect striking fear into the hearts of us 1st & 2nd formers.I`m new to this new technology & a P.C.novice but have somewhere a couple of old cricket team photo`s which ,if i can get someone with a scanner & the required skill to send them to you.I think I should be able to name most if not all of those captured including a rounder,balder Doug Gillett.I can still quote all the surnames of my class `morning regester style` but alas am not in contact with any of them.There was a recent old boys gathering organised by Stuart Fawcett who is the legal exec at Goodswen`s Solicitors on Redcar High Street,which alas I did not attend.The last one I attended was Boss Barkers leaving dinner.I was not a star pupil & still live in Redcar working for Corus(British Steel),well with the redundancy situation as it is,for this week anyway!

Andrew Liddle
Hello Graham Jimmy Dinsdale via Paul urwin put me in touch with this site, I think you've hit on something here. Its amazing how many people I've come across who were at Coatham who still have fond memories of it. To bring you up to date I live in Castleton N. Yorks and work for DuPont Teijin Films.
I Keep in touch with
Nicky Burgess who has a office furniture supply company and lives in Abbots Langley Hertsfordshire
Haggis (Graham Marsden) works for ACAS and lives in Cambridge
Jimmy Dinsdale lives in Tooting and works with Mike Taylor
Louis Davies who went up to Cambridge with me, was killed in a climbing accident a few years later
John Graham who is Neighbour and David Graham lives in Danby (next village)
Pete Medd is solicitor in Redcar and lives in Saltburn
Gareth Fawcett (few years older than us, played cricket for school & also lives in Castleton
N.o 36 is Simon Davey, he went to Churchill a year before me
I've still got some 'Yellow Books' which I will look for which might help you track down the missing players
Andrew Liddle

Richard Light 1962-69
I've been self-employed since 1991, working as a consultant and software developer in the fields of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and museum cataloguing. Before that I worked for the Museum Documentation Association, the national standards body for U.K. museum cataloguing.
I've been married to Jacky since 1976, and we have a son, Noel, aged 12.
I play flute and piccolo in our local orchestra.

Eric G Lilley 1943 - 51
I was introduced to your website to-day by Ian Richardson who is living in Houston, Texas. I was really facinated.
I attended SWT from 1943 to 1951.
I still have lot of old school memorabilia.Still have my Storr's cap from 3B!!
I would love to get involved with an E-Mail arrangement whereby I might get in touch with some of my old school mates and swap old school stories.?

 Gordon Lynas 1961-68
Congratulations on a great web site.
 I was at SWT from 61 to 68, and browsing through other's reminiscences certainly brought back a few memories....
 My first day at SWT, September 1961, can't remember the room number, but it was the last on the right under the verandah of the old Coatham Rd school. First lesson was maths. Like any bunch of self respecting sub-teens, chaos reigned when there was no teacher present. A shadow fell across the open doorway. (There was not much point closing it even in winter as the doors fitted so badly the NE wind simply sighed freezingly around it.) A voice, a commanding voice, said "THREE, TWO, ONE, I AM WAITINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!". As one, we shut up. We turned to face the door, and there stood a rather small man, not much bigger than us 11 year olds, and we saw the look in his eyes, and we stayed quiet. Then he said "You will stand when a teacher enters the room". He didn't even say it loudly, but we understood instinctively that it would be much better for us if we did as he asked. We stood. Only then did he deign to enter. We had just met Little Bill Pearson.
It has always fascinated me how he managed such command from such a small frame. I never knew him to punish anyone. It simply wasn't necessary. We just did as required. We didn't know what would befall if we didn't do as told, but somehow no-one was game to find out ...... and then he taught us maths. (Obviously he didn't just do a good job on me, Note how many reminiscences there are about still knowing Little Bill's dictum's for remembering geometry, and how few memories are recorded of other teacher's efforts.) 
That classroom had a strange arrangement of a sliding two-part blackboard. God, and the designer possibly knew why, I don't think any-one else ever did. It certainly only ever served one purpose that I can recall. Little Bill was fond of thumping the board, hard, with the back of the board duster to re-awaken our attention. One day he did it too hard, and the adjacent section of board fell out. It more or less missed him (I think), but such was his aura of power that no-one even sniggered. An amazing teacher. I think he retired at the end of the 61/62 school year. Same time as they retired the old buildings on Coatham Road, and the school moved to the new buildings.
Seth Hodgson, Who else remembers the nicotine stain on his quif that grew steadily more golden as the week progressed, only to be regenerated to a saintly white the next Monday?
 And Ms Davies. Known to all the boys as Mandy Rice of course. (Post 60's scholars can look up the Profumo affair to find out why.)
 Mr Hargreaves. Colour blind? The rumour was that he got the boys at Red Barns to buy his ties for him. Was it true?
 Ernie Escott writing the answers to last night's homework on the board for us to mark our neighbour's work. Of course we just swapped books back and wrote the answers down from Ernie's dictation (with a few errors just to be convincing). Came the end of year exam, and all the chooks came home to roost. I think 2 of us got a double figure percentage, and that was probably generous marking. We were not Latin scholars.
 Girls! 1967, SWT received its first three girls as students, Carol Hodgkinson, Helen Thornton, and one other. I suspect I can't remember the third young lady's name because she told me I looked a complete idiot on my motor bike. She was right of course, but she didn't have to tell me did she? Anyone remember their nicknames?
 And what about the annual holiday trips to the continent? I was lucky enough to do two. Cattolica and Florence in about 1964, and Rome and Taormina in 1966. (Anyone else remember Elsa Archangeli from the hotel at Cattolica? The answer to a young boys dream! Or the 66' World Cup final watched by reasonably equal numbers of Brits and Germans in the Casa Internationale dello Studente in Rome). Doug Gillet and Jasper Gray were the amazingly generous men who volunteered many times to escort an unruly bunch across Europe and back, and did it with a very easy hand. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did, although that would have been difficult.
 Then there was "Rocky" Rymer. Never known to smile at school. I did A level further maths. There were only six of us, Mike Watson, Peanuts Barclay, Mel Mason, can't remember the other two (sorry guys), and me. On Thursdays we had a double period in the careers room. I used to take a packet of extra strong pepermints each week. There being only 6 or 7 of us, the mints just got shared around. Did I get heaps from Rocky the first week I forgot!
 Of the boys, I think I can still just about remember the first form class role  Arnold, Artley, Barclay, Begg, Bluck, Boagey, Carr, Chambers, Dann, Eastgate, etc etc. I came across Bob Boagey a little while ago. He is now in Queensland, Australia. Not too far from Sydney where I now hang my hat. Other than that Mike Watson is still a Redcar resident, but sad to say I have lost touch with all the others. Seems to happen as the years go by. It would be interesting to know where they all are now.
 As for me. I went to Manchester and got a degree in Civil Engineering, ended up working in and around London for 15 years, then emigrated (benefit of an Australian wife). I now live on the edge on the Northern fringes of Sydney, not far from the beach, not far from Pittwater where I go sailing, and not too far from the office either! I'm just about to celebrate 25 years of marriage, and have two fine sons. On top of that Australia has been very kind to me professionally, so all in all, SWT did well by me in giving me an education that has stood a few trials over the years.
 I visited Redcar in '98 for the first time in many years, and was shocked to see a sign saying "Billy Turner's Kindy" next to the old war memorial at the school campus on Redcar Lane. It seemed to me then that SWT's fine reputation and heritage had finally been reduced to a travesty. So, I was very pleased to see from this web site that it was only a temporary aberration, and SWT's memory and legacy is being cared for, to benefit future generations.
 I'll look forward to reading some more memories from other Old Coathamians.
 Regards, Gordon Lynas
 PS if it is of interest for school archives, I have a photo of the whole school about 1965 which can be scanned and emailed, or copied and posted.

Mike Marshall 1957 - 1964
Graham, Found your Sir Wm. Turner's web site - well done! I was at the school from '57 to '64 and still live in Redcar - I am in touch with a number of old boys including Roger Fall, Gerry Brennan, Paul (and Peter) Jones, Geoff Harper, Craig Harrison, Keith Murray. I attended both of the re-unions held so far, but was disappointed to find few attendees from my era at the last. I would love to contact anyone who remembers me, particularly some good friends who I have totally lost contact with - Chris Baker, John Peasey,
Colin Phillips, Peter Dachowski, Alan Anderson, Charlie Sharp are a few names which spring to mind. Anybody who remembers me, or who knows of the whereabouts of any of the above, or others, or in fact just want to reminisce about old school days, feel free to contact me. My private e-mail (at home) is
Mike Marshall
IT Section Head
West's Engineering Design Limited
Telephone: +44 1325 267430
Fax: +44 1325 262627

Brian Meekings 1959-1965
My career at SWT was mostly unmemorable - I didn't do sports except when coerced, got mediocre grades at O and A levels. Two things stick in my mind for which others may remember me. One was the final entry in one year's Aquila, the school mag:
Headmaster to pupil: And why did you opt for Greek, boy?
Pupil: Because I came bottom in Geography, sir.
The headmaster was Trog, the pupil was me. Remember being called into the library one at a time to face a horsheshoe of Masters when they told you what you were going to do at University? That was the exchange between Trog and me, as I had failed Greek miserably, despite Mr Roebuck's best efforts. Trog almost fell off his chair, thought it was tremendously funny, and insisted Mr Elliott (English) put it in the school mag. Funny thing is, it was absolutely true - I never did see the humour!
The second thing was that I was in the Scout Troop (under Bill Burgess, I think), and we had a memorable two weeks in Mingulay, an uninhabited Outer Hebridean island. Great times. Others on the expedition: Mike Almond, Brian Wells, Tony Roebuck, Dave and Pete McGregor, Mike Billings, and a bunch of others. I remember Little Bill ("square the first, square the last, multiply the two together, and double"), Popeye Hudson for Physics (who propelled me to an acceptable B at A level), Mr McGregor for Chemistry, GEPS Sidaway for RE, Shiny Williams for Biology, Mr Roebuck for Greek, Ernie Escott for Latin, Mr Elliott for English, Mr Kerr ("kerr, karr or care") for Maths, Bill Burgess for Geography, Jasper Gray for sports. I failed miserably at University (Trog insisted I did Electrical Engineering - no idea where that came from), worked for IBM for 5 years, went back to uni, finished up with a first in Computer Studies at Lancaster, did 3 years research, 5 years lecturing, then left the UK to become a consultant in the US (mostly NJ and CT). Returned to the UK a couple of years ago after 18 years away (homesick), though work takes me back to the US a lot. Twice married, 6 children between us: Lara (married, one son, another on the way, living in Kent), Toby (town planner in Halifax), Tim (FRCP in Chester), Lucy (SRN in Nottingham), Ben (about to graduate from Sheffield, Hotel Management) and Amy (about to finish High School). I live with Val in Devon, close to my mother and sister. I found Brian Wells on, and tracked down Tony Roebuck, who's living in the Yorkshire Dales near his mother (his father (Greek master) died in a tragic cycling accident a few years ago). Don't know about anyone else, though I do remember getting guitar lessons from Billy Highgate, so was pleased to see his bio on the site. will always reach me, no matter where in the world I fetch up!

Nicky Metcalfe
Back in Manchester Graham for my second stint (been here 9 years now and was here for 3 between '82 and '85). Work as an accountant in town, with a couple of days a week in Leeds and Newcastle thrown in for good measure. Do you watch Norden play cricket at all? - one of my big pals stars for the first Xl.

Peter McGuigan 1966 - 1973
Hello everyone. I was at SWT from 1966-73, so I left before it all went to the dogs. I had a great time at the school and went to University. Eventually I joined the Army which has taken me all over Europe (and a few other places as well). I'm now living in Wiltshire and I work as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Logistic Corps. I moved to Middlesbrough about 6 months before finishing school (commuting daily) and in consequnce I lost touch with people pretty quickly - any one out there of my vintage?

Craig Molloy 1968 - 1975 (Ninnim)
Graham, Please add me to your site list. I was at SWT from 1968-1975. Lived in Saltburn, now in Sidcup in Kent. I'm a Publisher of IT business magazines.
People may remember me as Craig Ninnim,I changed my surname to Molloy for family reasons when I was in my early twenties.
I remember Martin Barber(Fly-half), Frazer Neasham, Norman Hunter (2nd Row), Steve Carter(centre), Clive Burgess, Steve Harker, Metcalfe(centre), Steve Smith (good scrum half)
Would be good to hear from any of my contemporaries.
Cheers, Craig

John Moody
 New Marske Cleveland England. Left in 1968. Continued education doing a 4 year sandwich degree{A.C.I.} in clothing management.Joined Cleveland Fire Brigade in 1974 and still plodding on 28yrs later.
Enjoyed looking at the site. I played Rugby for the 1st 15 for two years as Hooker.

Paul Parsons 1943 - 1948
Graham, I was at the school from 1943-48. I've been trying to contact old friends for a long time, not easy from this distance. Ben Marshall (of 6 Tees Rd) who joined the Army Education Corps, Ken Agar (of Corporation Rd) who I believe became a teacher and possibly now lives in Marske, he was a great pianist. Dennis Neasham of West Dyke Rd who had the 'first' record of 'In the Mood'. I'd be pleased to hear of any of them. The school? I wasn't happy, I never got peace from the maths teacher, Billy Pearson, because I had come from the South West, 'Conq' and others were OK. Rex Hunt, later governor of the Falklands, left about six months after I joined. I wrote to him and received a nice reply about four to five years ago. Years ago I met 'Funf', an ex sixth former and rugby 1st 15 in Newcastle. He was quite happy digging road ditches and gardening. Keep up with the good work, Paul.

Stuart Pictor 1967-74
Having left the establishment in the summer of '74, I made little effort to keep in touch with school mates. I find that the fond memories of times just refuse to fade. Hello again after 27yrs.

Gordon Poulsom 1967-72
Great site, keep up the good work, I attended SWT 67-72. 1N, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K.
Hi to all fellow students from that era. I left the UK in 81, and now live in the beautiful Hunter Valley. Love to hear from any computer literate old classmates.

John Reece 1963 - 1970
I was a pupil from 1963 to 1970 leaving when I failed my A levels (too much coffee-housing as Stevie Barker would say!) Trained to be a dispensing optician with a local firm and over the years have advanced to become a contact lens optician. Got your contact through Friends Reunited website where you can read my details. Often wondered what became of the old schoolmates I lost touch with over the last 30 odd years. Love to hear from any of you.

Bruce Ross 1958-1962 Cochranes House
I attended Coatham 1958-62 Cochranes House. I am sure at the time I only went to Coatham only to play rugger and cricket, education was secondary.I retired from the police force after joining straight from school.I was friends with Peter Fletcher, Ian Grainger, Paul Smith, Doug Kyle, Peter Dunn,Tony Cole, Col Allison, Ged Dunn and remain so.
My family have a strong relationship with the school, my father Fred was there in 1923, there is a photo of his year on the photo section.My brother Dennis 1950's. My cousins Ian Ross 40's,Frank Gooderham 1930's,John Neasham late 50's.Ross Harding late 50's Brother -in -law David Byron 60's.All Cochranes House.
I have a site which is about Redcar past and present please visit as I have several old boys registered.
Bruce Ross
48 Millfields, Aycliffe Village,Co.Durham

Mal Sanderson
Comments: Hullo, my father David Cyril Dodds Sanderson and my brother Christopher Sanderson attended Coatham. Both deceased. I am trying to trace my father's history and would like to get details of his time at Coatham. Can you suggest a lead/s into the schools records of attendance. Chris was there in the fifties/sixties and went on to Guy's Hospital. We have little informationabout dad. Regards

Paul Sanderson 1963 - 1970
Saltburn Infants, Saltburn Juniors, SWT, Teesside College of Art. Now lives in Beckenham, Kent. Thanks for the other names in the picture Paul.
Please note that Paul has a page of his own reminiscences on Saltburn 1951-70 here

Barry Scarff 1948 - 1954
Hong Kong
Comments: So many memories reading the old names. SWT 1948-54, then ICI followed by a regular commission in R Signals, 10 wonderful years in Oman then life's ambition blue water cruising in yacht, and working occasionally, back to the Far East, Hong Kong based but some years in Philippines, China and Greece running high speed ferries and producing model locomotives, now putting roots down in Phuket Thailand and can help anyone who fancies a retirement or second home there. Would love to hear from old schoolfriends.

Graham Sivills1962-69

Well, since this is my page, I thought I'd just put in a few of my own quirky reminiscences about the School.
Being one of School electricians we got to put the music on at the start of assembly and also to keep score of who came in and who didn't (masters) and who forgot their gowns. Kept score on the blackout blind. Being told off by Trog for putting rubbish record on... It was one of Gustaf Holst's Planets. Trog also stopping assembly in the middle of the Lord's prayer and demanding that we sing it again ...... "With Gusto!"..... sorry that was "with Gasto!" whoever he was. Little Billie Pearson telling us how to do Highest comon Factors in Maths... "Do what I do with my grandchildren at bathtime "Splash down the longest line and multiply by what you haven't got" . Popeye Hudson getting distracted every lesson by bringing up the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. The joint debates with Cleveland Girls and taping them on this huge wooden tape recorder that was Phil Hargreaves prized possession and had to be carried back to Red Barns afterwards. Letting Bill Carter come to my house for lunch so I could get a ride on his Scooter. Boys being threatened with the Cane if they were caught without their caps on in the town or if they were caught eating apples in the street. Trog referring to thieves as 'Light Fingered Gentry' and troublemakers as "Bolshie Tickos" And where did the school get the bright idea of labelling 12 and 13 plus lads as the "X" forms? (Not quite us you know).
And what can we say about Shiny Williams? Seemed as mad as a hatter when he threw out kids from the classroom because they came from Dormanstown (Remember the Dormanstown snowball fights he described? with Razor blades stuck in potatoes?). Apparently it was all due to the sad death of Bainbridge an Olympic Swimmer that Shiny used to coach but I don't know the truth of that. Actually having met Keith Griffith last weekend I now know the truth of it and he tells a wonderful story of how Shiny inspired him to cultivate a love of learning and get the highest score in A level zoology ever! I do know he described how to make a tape recorder out of magnets and Iron wire and a Yorkshiremans nightlight out of Phosphorus and how to open a Yale Lock from the outside through the letterbox with some tape and a starting handle.
Then there were the barricades made of haversacks to prevent Ernie Escott walking round the classroom in Latin and him ignoring them and striding over them with his great long legs no matter how high they were built. Godfrey Hall was School Captain when I started. He seemed like a man rather than a schoolboy..... dammit he was a man I think he'd done 6th form a couple of times and was about 20. School concerts ... and once we had pop music with Billy Highgate (see below) singing King of the Road. Squadron Leader George Edward Pallant Sidaway with his famous Messerschmitt (car). Seth Hodgson's (History) prediction that the Queen would abdicate when Charles got to be 40 to let him be king. Murder in the Cathedral when one of the boys playing a priest had to say "Do you like Roast Pork?" and found 27 ways to emphasise each of the words. Travelling back from University in the summer to build sets for the plays for the Coathamians Dramatic Society. Donald Wright the Lyke Wake Walk king in a drinking competition with Nicky Burgess under the stage at the Anglican Youth Club and carrying them both home unconscious....... No No that must have been after we left school. Going to the Red Lion Disco and changing my birthday every month as I got closer to 18. My claim to fame coming in 19th in the house in the School Cross Country... Playing Sedbergh on a Rugby tour and thinking th y were a load of softies because they wore short pants.... before they stuffed us.... I could go on but you're probably asleep by now........And that Rugby tour was something else..... Who was it that fell asleep in the bath? A few unsavoury memories but lots of fun and history as well. Thanks for the memories.

Donald J Smith 64-69

Dear Graham,
I am another who came across your site via Friends Reunited. Great job, and it can only get better as you receive more material.
I was at Coatham from 1964 to 1969. Unfortunately I have lost touch with all my old classmates due to having worked overseas since 1978. I have had a variety of jobs and locations in the oil business and am now working for the United Nations in Kosovo.
However through Friends and yourself, I hope to re-establish a few contacts.
Some of the teachers I remember are Ernie “I’ll take you down, boy” Escott, GEPS (but not his strange car everyone else mentions), Louis Moorhouse, Shiny Williams (with whom I luckily had no trouble, though I lived in Dormanstown), Weedy Warne, Doug Gillet, Arty Lee and Col Rose, who I respected very much in the 6th form. He trusted me to produce Storr’s hose play in 1969 and my proudest school moment was accepting the trophy on behalf of the house. I’ll never forget the day I asked Trog if I could bring a necessary prop for our play to school one lunchtime. He agreed, so 4 of us in full uniform carried a real coffin over Black bridge from Lobster Rd.
School mates I remember are Geoff Calvert, Steve Thatcher (we last met at the Ideal Home exhibition in London circa 1979) when he was manning a booth for Abbey Life!), Jim Vickers, John Irving, Col Gibson, Ian Gledhill, Arnold Allum (cellist in our play), Dave Pritchard (callisthenist in the play), Ian Garret, Graham Marsdon, Dave Humphreys, Norm and John Maltby (the Cricketers), Paul Mitchell, Billy Highgate (we were neighbours in Roseberry Road for a couple of years in the late 70’s), Paul Urwin, Nicky Strong, Scaff Holding, John and David Graham, Peter Medd, Colin Diggory and characters like Bill Carter( always popping down to London to buy the latest Mod gear)  and Don Wright (Guinness drinking competition in the Clarendon) – and of course, yourself.
Further to Colin Diggory, I’d really appreciate it if you could give me an e:mail address for him. We go back further than SWT. We were friends and neighbours in Grangetown before we moved to Dormanstown. I haven’t seen him or his family for too long and as I’m back in the UK for a week in May, passing through London, it would be great to meet him for a beer.
I’m engaged to an Albanian lady now and we don’t get back to UK much. Anyway, thank you again for setting up the site and I’d love to hear from any of my former school mates who’d like to write.
Have any Old Coathamians heard of or are members of the Hash House Harriers, the International beer drinking club with the running problem? I got in to hashing in Cyprus in 1991 and am now founder and Grand Master of Prishtina hash house harriers. It would be great to hear from any if they are.
Finally, I saw a reference to Corky Hall in someone’s e:mail. My second wife was Corky’s sister. He is still in Australia. Also it would be good to hear from old Old Coathamian legends like Rastus Raine. He’s still in Redcar but I haven’t seen him for ages.
So take care Graham and hope to hear from you. All the best

Peter S Smith 1952 - 60
Dear all , Bill ex Winston Fletcher put me on to this site. I noticed dave foster is out there but don't recognise any others! My Coatham cereer was not spectacular my main highlight being cricket capt. in 1960 i think! and being unbeaten! My academic record was unspectacular as I struggled through  the A forms overshadowed by people such as Jeff Owens and Geoff Woolhouse. Main achievement at Coatham was Capt of Cricket in 1960 when we were unbeaten!!. I managed to scrape into Leeds Uni Civil Eng but was sent down after 2 years- cricket was my excuse. I eventually got back in and boarded a ship to Perth as soon as i graduated-so I've been in Oz ever since and spent most o f my career in environmental management in water resources and now in my semi retirement get back to England every 2 years. Last time Bill introduced me to  a couple of old mates Mugs Maguire and Bernie Bernard and i hope to meet more on next years visit. Does anyone remember me ?!!Peter Smith

Ken Speakman 1949 - 1954
Sadly I lost the details Ken sent to me. I woul dbe happy to update these if he can send me them.

LRI (Ian) Stoddart
Comments: I was at SWT's in the late 50's and went on into Banking. A bit boring really so I joined the Army. Still there with but a year to do. Keep going Coathamians

Allan Temke

 Darlington Area; Comments: Picked this up through FriendsReunited. A good site.

Steve Thatcher 1962-68

Hello Graham,
What a great job you have done in setting up the web site. It was interesting to read about old friends. I have been in Banking since leaving school at 17 and will have been with the Abbey National 31 years in March. I am Branch Manager of the Northampton Branch and live in a village near to the town.
I have been married for 30 years in August, have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Eldest daughter lives in Perth, Western Australia, Son runs a Bikers Pub in Northampton and youngest daughter is studying Geography at Brighton Uni. We travel a lot!!
I played Rugby for Teams in the North East - Morpeth, Rockliffe (Whitley Bay), Percy Park (North Shields) and, of course, Redcar. Never made the first teams but enjoyed 2nds. downwards until I retired at 35.
I kept up the Cricket until I was over 40 but eventually gave up and started to play more Golf.  Best Wishes and Thanks again, Steve Thatcher

Graham Thomas

I was at SWT from 68 to 75 before I went to St Catharine's in Cambridge. I have already been in touch with Paul Crowe who was a contemporary of mine and Alasdair Gibbs Barton. Other people I hung out with included Laz Croft, Nick Turner, Glen Dobson, Keith Walton, Ian Thompson and various other drinking pals.. I have been living in London since 1981 and now run my own company providing foreign language translation services based just off Tottenham Court Road. I still keep in touch with George Thomson who taught at SWT for some years and he is now (early) retired and living in France last I heard.
Please add my details to the site - it is great to hear from people and reading through this and the Friends Reunited at least shows me that I have kept some of my memory cells intact. I am glad someone has kept the school memory going - it served us well..
I hope this is in order and look forward to hearing from you ,Best Regards
Graham Thomas
Marketing Director - Smallworld
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7436 4686
Fax:+44 (0) 20 7436 4601

John Thornton
My brother, Rob, put me on to this site. He hasn't contacted you (yet) but he's one of the ones with thick glasses and a quiff on the photograph supplied by Sandy Dircon. I was a contemporary of Pete McGuigan: Pete if you read this can you remember going to the Coatham Hotel at lunchtime on the Friday of your 18th birthday and going back again on the Monday of mine? Other likely lads include Fergus Grant, Stephen Allison and Robin Flintoff I would be interested to hear from anyone of that ilk

Robert Thornton 1962-69
Like you, I was one of the first 1st form to occupy the new building in Coatham Road in 1962.  Pretty awe-inspiring it was too, after Saltburn junior school.  I remember getting lost a couple of times during those first few days.  I used to travel from Saltburn by train with the likes of David Graham, Ian Colclough and Francis Richardson.  I don't have contact with
anyone from those days now as I've lived abroad or in the south since, though Ian was my Best Man in 1977, wearing the biggest top hat that came over his ears.
I have mixed memories of school. I wasn't at all sporty though I still run most days and orienteer when I can.  I still vividly remember Tom Pearson's method of teaching the spelling of isosceles and parallel by group chanting. The testament to his method is that I taught my 3 children in the same way. GEPS's artistic talent on the blackboard made a big impression.
I studied medicine at Edinburgh, joined the Army as a student, intending to do a 5 year short service commission and have stayed since. I was mainly lured to stay by being offered the chance to train as a helicopter pilot, and continued flying on and off until '95. I specialised in Aviation and Occupational Medicine and am now the Army's senior consultant in OM. I've served mainly in the south of England but had a great 3 years in the US.  I commanded a hospital in Bosnia for 6 months in '95 where we were visited by all the VIPs of the time, including Miss World and John Major.  I was promoted to Colonel in '97 and I've worked more recently in the MOD in strategic medical planning.
 You're doing great things with the web site.  Keep it up.

Barry Tuffs 1951-1956
Update from Paul Urwin. My brother barry has asked that I put a few details on the site for those who may wish to contact him (this can be done by using my e-mail address found under the 1969 listing - Paul Urwin).
Barry has lived in South Africa for some 30 years (first in Johannesburg and latterly in Capetown).  He still plays golf and supports English rugby at every opportunity, particulaly when South Africans are within ear shot!
He would love to hear from all those who knew him at the old school and also at Redcar Rugby Club, particularly his old team mates from the days when the team was at the racecourse - in the 'hut'.
It's great to see so many of the old boys joining your e-mail list and I'm looking forward to seeing you and some old friends at the reunion.
 Incidentally, I ran into Neil Barker who you may remember and David Goodswen, who was busy supervising his army of staff at his shop in Redcar High Street.  Do you remember the parties in the cellars of David's house? 

Brian Turnbull 1964 - 1971
Those who remember me will not be surprised to hear that I have now worked in the Railway industry for 29 years. Since leaving Redcar have lived in Hull, Reading, Swindon and now Crewe. DO not get much cause to come back to the old town these days so it was good to discover yoru website and be reminded of days of yore. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Paul Urwin 1962 - 1969
Dear Graham, Just read, by accident, your webpage on Nowhere Guides. You might remember me- Paul Urwin - Dormo. You did all the electrical things for the house plays and the old Coathamians and lived in Eston? It would be great to hear from you and anyone who remembers me and anyone in my second life as a teacher in Westfields School where I taught P.E. and was affectionately known as 'Bert'. I can fill you in on some of the names on the 1968 photograph and some old friends. Best Wishes, Paul Urwin Where they are now: (Nicky Strong- Solicitor Marske) Ian Garrett (Detective Middlesbrough) Bill Carter (Last heard of in USA following his pop star dream) Dave Budding (Solicitors Clerk Redcar) Andrew 'Pop' Liddle (ICI Top scientist - NY Moors ) Jimmy Dinsdale ( Clerk - London) Still in contact Jimmy Vickers (House husband -Redcar) Dave Power (Retired dentist) Phil Burns (Sadly died 2 years ago) Neil Davison (Top Solicitor St Albans) Ian Howden (Teacher) Graeme Marsden (Cambridge) Dave Goodswen (Self made millionaire - Redcar) Chris Howard ( Teacher Billingham ) Mike Pearson ( Chemical Engineer - Redcar) Alan Jones (Teacher - Marske)

Malcolm Veitch 1965 - 1970
Anybody remember Charlie Thomson, Col Bennet, Rob Vasey, Paul Lucas?

Hello Graham, I read with trepidation and some considerable awe, K. Croft’s brief but powerful account on Friends Reunited and of his contact with the head, S. G. BARKER. This formidable man certainly scared me, just to edge past him in the dismal corridors. Fortunately I was never at the receiving end of his corrective practices, although I did manage to come into conflict with one other notorious disciplinarian (still alive), outside the woodwork hut. More of that another time perhaps.

We are told how meaningful and influential teachers are for young minds and a glance through other comments on your website Graham, certainly illustrates this; for the good but also alas for the bad. The fear factor was paramount in those times but more kindly souls like “Tash” INGHAM, McGREGOR, and G. S. HORNER (Maths), still managed to run a tight ship without resorting to excessive violence. And as for “Little Billy” PEARSON, did he really exist, or was he a myth? How could such a small guy imprint on my feeble memory the spelling of Isosceles, and recite Pythagoras theorem etc., half a century later! There are engineers, physicists, and scientists all over the world who owe something to his expertise. Now that’s what I call teaching. And correct me if I’m wrong, although he frequently carried a cane, did he ever seriously use it? Take “Shiny” WILLIAMS for example, I can’t forget my friend Alan Hudson coming out of the small preparation room next to the junior science lab. When Shiny followed him, he wore that characteristic half smirk on his face, and my friend came out rubbing his arse. Alan, who had been sworn to silence, confided in me later, that Mr Williams had instructed him to bend over then he belted hell out of a bench with his cane. We couldn’t see this of course, but the door had been left open deliberately so we could hear the punishment. The class sat shocked in complete silence! Mr COLLARD advised me against following up my artistic talents to become an artist, so regrettably I didn’t pursue that course. Nevertheless, after working in industry, I have spent many happy and fulfilled years in the classroom. I wonder what John Collard would have thought about that?

John Walkington (walky, 1961-1969)
Comments: called by in sept this year to see the old school and Red Barns. Went away depressed to see the results of the ravages of comprehensive education and the selling off of Red Barns to Philistines. Good news excedingly to hear that the Old Coathamians are alive and kicking.

John Watson (Watty) 1963 to 1970

I came across the coathamians group the other day quite by chance. I thought I'd post a message and see if any of my old mates remember me. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I left SWT in 1970 and there isn't enough room here to fill in all the details. Sufficient to say that I have lived most of the last 20 years overseas. For the last seven years I've been in Malaysia, helping to run two power stations and it looks like I will be here in Kuala Lumpur for a few more years to come.
If anyone remembers me please drop me a line at: (work) or (home)
Regards, John Watson (Watty) Ex Saltburn

Richard White 1942 - 1947

Now living in Adamsville, Tennessee, USA
Attended Coatham 1942 - 1947. Immigrated to Miami, Florida in 1948, Korea in 1951 - 1952, graduated from the University of Florida in 1961, entered Federal service in 1967 and retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon in 1992. Played cricket at Coatham, Normanby Hall CC and Washington DC. Played against Yorkshire in Washington when they had Close, Trueman, Boycott, Illingworth,etc. I am delighted that someone Email'd me and provided the address. Many memories, good and bad.

Kevin Wilkinson
I was an inmate at Red Barns from 69-73 so guess our paths crossed.My memories include, the Saturday morning run and if lucky you got to run again on the beach on a Sunday and then come in and fill yourself on a bananna, a bun, marjorine and cheap jam!Other memories include the lady with the limp who rang the bell to wake you in the morning,having only 2 baths a week,the long walk to church on a Sunday,Hargreaves bursting into the dorm with such force the door nearly came off its hinges,silent hour on a Sunday - time to write home to say what a great time you were having!!The painting at the end of the hall of the lady whose eyes followed you. Re Matron - since I left I have never had a sick day and when ever I hear the music for the Archers it takes me straight back to the time I managed to wangle a few days in sick bay - the old trick of keeping warm tea tucked away in your mouth just before she took your temperature. People I remember, Jock Dawson, Bonzo, BOL, John Trevorow and my 2 mates Wiff and Wes who along with me made up the 3 "W's".I will stop now as the memories are causing me to shake!! My niece and nephew attend a baording school and having just been with them for a week and listened to their life it just doesn't compare - they think I'm making it all up. Some must have left RB permanently damaged - I hope they have found peace later in life.
Regards Kevin

Terry (Tug) Wilson 1946 - 1953 R.I.P.Sadly, I uderstand that after writing this contribution, Terry has since died (GS)

Hi Graham  Terry 'Tug' Wilson from 1946-1953. I'm sorry I can't help with any of the names on your photograph - a long time after me! I was in Storrs House. Billy 'Little Bill' Pearson was the Housemaster. Inghams had Harry Elliot, School had 'Conk' Goulding and Cochranes had Shiney Williams. The forms I was in were 2B, 3C, Remove C, 4S, 5S, L6S, U6S. Never did make it to Prefect status.
The Boss was The Reverend Robert William Gaspard Willis; his Deputy was Gilbert Edward Gunner, who became Head of Rotherham Grammar School and later, 'The Wee Mac' McGregor. In the Science Sixth, Chemistry was the province of Mac, Botany and Zoology were taught by Shiney and Physics by Bob Nichols. Throughout the climb to the Sixth my English teachers were Harry Elliot and Phil Hargreaves, for Maths I had Conk (whose passion was Astronomy), Geography was taught by 'Tashy' Ingham (an illustrious philatelist) and GEPS (George Edward Pallant-Sidaway), History by Harry Hodgson, French by M. Piotrowski (a French-Pole whom we called 'Danny' because he bore a passing resemblance to Danny Kaye), Latin by Ernie Escott ("Wake up lad, 'nemo' is singular!"), Art by John Collard, Music by Joe Buckley and PE by 'Captain' Call. Living in Saltburn, I shuttled backwards and forwards by train four times a day (went home for lunch, couldn't stand that Red Barns stuff!) with contemporaries Dick Snowdon, John Wilkinson, Colin Musgrave, Harry Atterton, 'Pud' Lorraine, John Egan, Maurice Healey, Stewart Robson, Roy Broadbent and Ian Atkinson. After leaving Coatham I went into the Royal Air Force and was involved with Air Traffic Control, later becoming a Science Teacher and Deputy Head (Admin) in one of Barnsley's largest schools.

Don Wright 1962-69
I came across the Coathamians website the other day, and thought I'd make contact. My full name is Donald Rae Wright, and I was at the school from 1962-69.  I still have a sister living in Redcar, and visit relatively frequently (last there in January 2001). I noticed on the Drama Society part of the site a reference to Androcles and the Lion, which I directed in, I think, 1969  (tho' I could not find the "more elsewhere" referred to).  I was pleased to see a photo of Tony Allison at a recent reunion. He was a great influence on me. I have been (mostly) out of the UK since 1969 - first in New Zealand, and for the last 10 years or so in Sydney.  My photo is on the website below (Our team/Partners). I still have close contact with one schoolmate - David ("Prickles") Thornton, same years as me, who is now a journalist in London.  Kind regards,
Don Wright, Partner
Yandell Wright Stell Lawyers
Level 5, 139 Macquarie Street
Tel:   (02) 9252 2278
Fax: (02) 9251 2878
Visit our website:

David A deWolf 1946 - 1948
Interesting! I attended the school 1946 - 1948, and I believe I ended up
as top dog of the lower school just before returning to the Netherlands.
Since that 1948 day I have never been back to that part of the U.K. I
was in Storr's House...does that still exist? I often wonder if any of
my erstwhile classmates are still around the area.
Greetings! --David A. de Wolf

Geoff Woolhouse 1953-61
Many happy memories of Coatham during 1953 - 1961. I was a badminton enthusiast and after leading Cambridge University for 4 years I got a trial for the England team. I also played cello in the School Orchestra led by Joe Brooke and I am still very active on the ‘cello. Among teh boys I most remember Winston (Bill) Fletcher who was a great athlete. He has returned to live in teh Redcar area. Another great athlete was Jeff (Jelly) Owens (School Captain) who I believe is now in the Manchester area. A fine cricketer was Pete Smith who now lives in Australia. He also played with me on the Badminton team. Eddie Nichols (a couple of years senior to the rest of us) was School Captain, a fine Rugger player and Cricketer adn also badminton player. In fact he and I spent many happy hours trying to beat each other up (in the badminton sense) at the Methodist Church Hall in Diamond st (?) Saltburn. Eddie was the Physics Teacher, Bob Nichol’s son.
Love to hear form anyone from the 1953-61 era