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June 2003

Well, after all the advertising, the evening arrived. Around 40-50 people visited the Exhibition on teh Saturday afternoon and surprised Peter Chester by filling in lots of blanks on some of his pictures. (Names not grafiti). Thanks very much to Peter for organising that. He would like to have any memorabilia you would like to find a good home for, to continually improve the Exhibition at the College.

In the evening around 90 Old Coathamians met at the Rugby Club and by all accounts had a great time. Badges, next time I think, to lose some of the uncertainty of identification. Personally, while it was very nice to meet so many people that I had only met before through e-mail I was delighted to meet the eight or so classmates of my own year who had come. It was my first reunion and to see them all after thirty odd years was very emotional. Of course everyone remembers embarrassing moments that we would rather forget, but the good humour and genuine interest people showed made it a wonderful evening for me. It was lovely to meet up with Brian Jack,Alan Old, Pete Nightingale and Tony Allison, and delightful to see Doug Gillett so well, after the scares for his health of two years ago.

The next reunion will be on Saturday June 25th 2005. Perhaps some alternative arrangements could be made for the Saturday during the day (I know that some people had an informal game of golf.) This should enable those of you who gave feeble excuses like “living in Australia or Canada” to plan your holidays in good time.
Also, there was vague talk of “Putting the Band back together” in true Blues Brothers style. The Band in question being Exhibit A and featuring Graham Sivills, Nick Burgess, Paul Mitchell, Dave Humphrey, Pete Astle, Charles, Chris Hyldon. Well two of us were here this time ... can we find the others in the next twio years? CAn we remember the words?
Oh, since its my website and nobody pays me.. here’s a link to my own band
The Middlewich Paddies. Just as matter of interest, I would be happy to put links to any of your websites on the links page, business or personal. Just let me know.
Please spread the word and sign up to the yahoo group .
It saves so much time in e-mailing you all together.

Finally, Thanks again to Stuart Fawcett for organising the do and thanks to all of you who said such nice things about the website. I would be happy to extend the picture gallery here with your own pictures if you send them to me. Also, if anyone wants the high quality version of any of these pictures, just let me know and I will e-mail the ones you want. My apologies if you escaped my camera and thanks to Phil Broomhead who has loaned me a number of photos to add to the website.

Best Wishes until next time and I hope you see a few pounds less of me by then........... and I will NOT be driving back to Rochdale the same evening and will be delighted to accept the libations offered.
Graham Sivills

Graham Sivills at Exhibition

GS, Pete Chester, Peter Dachowski

The Rugby Club

Paul Urwin, Neil Davison, Colin Gibson, Graham Marsden, Andy Liddle

Nick Burgess, Graham Sivills, Paul Urwin, Steve Thatcher, Neil Davison, Colin Gibson, Graham Marsden, Andy Liddle

Nick Burgess, Graham Sivills, Andy Liddle, Paul Urwin, Tony Allison (behind) Dave Pritchard, Steve Thatcher, Neil Davison, Colin Gibson, Graham Marsden

Peter Dachowski, Tony Roebuck, Doug Gillett

Keith Allison, Ron Vickers

Keith Allison, Ron Vickers

Miles and Harry Atterton (1948-55)

Phil Broomhead, Phil Dew

Andy Liddle, Graham Marsden, Jim Vickers, Paul Urwin

Tony Allison, Nick Metcalfe, Dave Pritchard

John Parnaby, Bruce Ross, Peter Dunn

Stuart Foot, Peter Fletcher Andy Thomas (behind), Ian Grainger, Bruce Ross, John Wright, Doug Kyle

Dave Byron

Bill Fletcher, Ron Atkinson, Jim Dooley, Michael Goodswen, Colin Vaux

1975 Leavers

1974 Leavers

Brain Wells, John Edwards, Tony Roebuck, Roger Fall (Standing in a trench)

Colin Gibson, Dave Pritchard

Graham Marsden, Nick Metcalfe

Steve Thatcher

Dave Pritchard, Steve Thatcher, Graham Marsden

Andy Liddle, Jim Vickers

Ian Penny, John Knight, John Easton, Trevor Cooke

Paul Urwin, Alan Jones, Colin Gibson

Cyril Kitchener (1943-47) and daughter

Bill Downing (1970), Gordon Douglas (75), Martin Waite (75)

Stuart and Andy Thomas

R V Ward, Eric Crane, Harryy Atterton

Nick Burgess, Graham Sivills, Graham Marsden

Phil Broomhead, Nick Metcalfe

Dave Pritchard Alan Jones

Paul Urwin, Neil Davison, Colin Gibson