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Old School

I notice a blank magazine page awaiting .....
Having found a clutch of school magazines I though you might like to see this rare
item for its time...a cartoon. Drawn by NOG (aka , we were to believe,A P Norris-a prefect at the time.)
Several individuals are recognisable. Messrs Barker and Elliot esconced in the Morris Oxford with Shiny Williams' Austin 7 followed by Jo Brookes' grand piano, with Jasper Gray walking between. Above flies a post war Messerschmitt with GEP Sidaway at the controls.
Hope you find it useful.
Phil Johnson

Click on this image to see the School emblems sent in by Eric G Lilley

Pre-War School Colours

Coatham Colts 1944

Boxing Team

1958/59 Colts

1st cricket X1 1961.
Back row.Brian Davis,Geoff Barnett,Chick Murray,Tiny Large,Bruce Ross,Peter Fletcher,
Front row. Ian Bernard,Geoff Hiser,Shacka Carr,Martin Maguire, Curly Atkinson

Sir William Turnerís Soccer Teaml 1926

Thomas Morton Birtwhistle 1921-27 is in middle row, seciond from left