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The Staff

Pictures of the Teaching Staff at Sir William Turners, mostly mid-60s (the year not the teachers)
Most pictures provided by Dave Johnson

Ghostly apparition of Ernie Escott

Head Stephen (Trog) Barker and Deputy Head Mac MacGregor

Squadrion Leader George Edward Pallant-Sidaway (GEPS or SPEG)

Phil Hargreaves at Red Barns Bonfire (1964 Steve Wright)

Brian and Joan Jack 2001

K.E.Lowe (KEL)

Seth Hodgson (history) circa 1964/65

“Jammy” Adnitt circa 1964/65

T L Rowland-Jones (biology) - circa 1967/68

J McCafferty - circa 1966/67

School trip to Menton - Mr Gillett and Mr Dobson - fashion trendsetters extraordinaire