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St. Vincent de Paul RC Church, Norden


St. Vincent de Paul Church,
Caldershaw Rd.,
Rochdale OL12 6BU
Tel : 01706 645361



Jim Dobbin for SVP website
We mourn the sudden death of Jim, who was a parishioner of St Vincents for many years and was much admired for tireless public service work and especially for his cross party work in the House of Commons for Health, Human Rights and pro-Life. We include a tribute from Cardinal Archbishop Nichols HERE. It is just one of an enormous number.

Our picture (thanks to Mike Davis) is of Jim addressing a Right to Life Rally in Clitheroe about 6 weeks before his untimely death.

May he Rest in Peace!


Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man
can spread out and touch the lives of many others.

From all accounts the pilgrimage was an exceptionally enjoyable and rewarding trip. We have added an unusual picture of what faces Pope Francis as he travels through the crowds and we hope to add some photos to the website soon.

ROCHDALE FOODBANK Thank you once again for your wonderful generosity. Sadly the demands on the service are increasing, in these difficult times. Could we please try to continue to keep up the level of generous donations we have made over the past year.


General Intention : That the mentally disabled may receive the love and help they need for a dignified life”.

Evangelisation :   That Christians, inspired by the Word of God, may serve the poor and suffering

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Now that you are here, please have a look around and why not visit the outstanding daily prayer website produced by the Society of Jesus at Sacred Space?


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