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St. Vincent de Paul Church,
Caldershaw Rd.,
Rochdale OL12 6BU
Tel : 01706 645361

                     MAY 2016














WEBSITE Due to holidays, we will not be able to update the website for a few weeks. However we will try to have the Newsletter available each week on the Link on the left of each page.

Bishop John is meeting throughout May with all the clergy, each deanery as a group, so as to prepare the way and make some necessary changes so that the diocese may continue to be served by the clergy and laity, in the years to come.

The meeting with the clergy from this deanery took place on Thursday 12th May and a proposal for the way forward was submitted to Bishop John by the priests of the deanery. When all the other deaneries have submitted their own proposals, Bishop John will present his plan for the whole Diocese, hopefully in June, which will be open to everyone for comment and suggestions, before a final decision is made by the Bishop, and then gradually implemented over time.
Every parish has been invited to hold a meeting for parishioners to look at where they are presently, and how they might grow in the future, so as to truly become those missionary parishes Pope Francis often talks about.
Our Parish Meeting, took place in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 3rd May and was well attended. There was a short summary in last week’s Newsletter of the items raised. A detailed summary will be provided shortly.

All loving Father, you sent Jesus your Son to show us your Mercy and to teach us how to forgive one another. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us. Help us to remember that we are all sinners. Let this Year of Mercy be a pilgrimage, a journey back to you. Make us ambassadors of mercy, sharing your forgiveness with everyone, especially those who feel that they are beyond your love. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord.

The need does not go away.
A big Thank You for your continued generosity!
If you have not contributed already please consider buying a couple of extra items and adding them to the collection box in the narthex (next to the Notice Board).
Some suggested items are instant mash, individual fruit juices, UHT Milk, sponge puddings, sugar, tinned custard and noodles/savoury rice sachets but all food items will be gratefully accepted


Universal : Respect for Women. 
That, in every country of the world, women may be honoured and respected and that their essential contribution to society may be highly esteemed
Evangelisation: Holy Rosary
That families, communities and groups may pray the Holy Rosary for Evangelisation and Peace
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