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St. Vincent de Paul RC Church, Norden


St. Vincent de Paul Church,
Caldershaw Rd.,
Rochdale OL12 6BU
Tel : 01706 645361

Where does Jesus begin his ministry? Where John the Baptist left off - preaching a message of repentance, of change, to welcome the new Kingdom of God. There is a simplicity about this message, which is not compromised by anything – today’s Gospel has these simple words from Jesus, and then the story of his calling more disciples to follow him and share in the work of spreading this message.

Repentance has had something of a bad press - we tend to think of it as an old-fashioned concept. But every age needs to hear this call: to look at what we do and say and assume, and realise that there are such things as right and wrong, and that sometimes we follow the wrong path. To follow Jesus, and to accept the Kingdom of God, demands that we make a radical choice, which might well change our lives.

Next Tuesday, 27th January, is the day when we are invited to remember and pray for the victims of the Holocaust and genocide. These immense offences against human dignity still resonate down the decades, and though distant in time and space are still close to us in impact: we must be more aware of racial or religious persecution (still present in our world today).
By reflecting on the appalling events of the past, and marking Holocaust Memorial Day, we can commit to creating a better future.
There is a Holocaust Memorial Day Talk at St. Gabriel’s RC High School at 7.30 p.m. next Tuesday 27th January by a Holocaust survivor, Joanna Millan, cost is 5,


The Bishops of England and Wales have prepared these reflections and ask that they are made available to all as we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. Please download and read this short document and share your thoughts with one another especially in your families. Bishop John Arnold asks that you consider sending your thoughts in writing to him at
Wardley Hall, Wardley Hall Road, Worsley, Manchester. M28 2ND.
He cannot promise to answer all submissions but will read and consider what you write and will use it as part of his submission to Cardinal Vincent Nichols and to Bishop Peter Doyle, who are to be the representatives from England and Wales at the second Synod on the Family next October in Rome.
Further information HERE. You can also view and print the document HERE


Monday 8th December, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, saw another great moment in the history of the Diocese, as Bishop John Arnold was installed as the eleventh Bishop of Salford.
Click HERE for the Salford Diocesan website report and video.

He invites us all to recite a simple prayer each day: "Stay with us, Lord, on our journey"

ROCHDALE FOODBANK Thank you once again for your wonderful generosity. Sadly the demands on the service are increasing, in these difficult times. Could we please try to continue to keep up the level of generous donations we have made over the past year.


General Intention : That those from diverse religious traditions and all people of good will may work together for peace.
Evangelisation Intention That in this year dedicated to consecrated life, religious men and women may rediscover the joy of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.

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"Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do." (St. John XXIII)

Now that you are here, please have a look around and why not visit the outstanding daily prayer website produced by the Society of Jesus at Sacred Space?

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