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 Davyhulme Circle celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2016 and continues to be a thriving group with a full social calendar

Phil and Linda Brown


Phil Brown (pictured here with Linda) has been installed as our President for the current year. We are particularly pleased that Phil’s talents and commitment to the Association have been recognised by his election to Grand Council (the Catenian executive committee).

We see ourselves as a Catholic social group and therefore fund raising is very much a sideline to our social activities rather than the main objective.
Phil has taken the view that Circle Charities this year will be nominated by the member, who is organising a particular event and so far we have raised funds for the Trafford Diabetic Unit, The Bursary and Benevolent Funds, the SVP and for Francis House.

Neither are we geared towards Catholic Action. However, we try to encourage our members to become involved in the Lay Activities of the Church. We have a particularly successful example of brothers being involved in charitable works in CAMEO-Aid, a Charity (founded by Brother Tom Power of Davyhulme Circle) working with communities in East Africa. Click on the link to get a flavour of the tremendous work they are doing to meet the basic health and education needs of children in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and neighbouring countries.

burns+night004Garden Party

Francis House Visit

Burns Night (with our Secretary getting a bit carried away with his Scottish Heritage)

Theatre Trip

Christmas Party

Cheese and wine evening

Brain of Davyhulme Quiz

Jazz Concert with The Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band

Supper NightDavyhulme Bowls Night 2

Annual Bowls Comp vs Brooklands Circle







Bishop John Arnold

These are in addition to our usual Ladies Evening, Clergy Dinner (John Arnold, Bishop of Salford was our principal guest this year), Presidents Sunday and our Monthly Circle Meetings



Sarah with school children1




We were very pleased to present Sarah Lopeman with a cheque for 500 from the Bursary Fund as a contribution towards her expenses.

She undertook a two month project in Uganda with specific objectives to provide harvested washing water, clean drinking water and to set up a production system for low cost cooking stoves. Read more

Interested in joining us?

Here are some contacts, who would like to hear from you


Phil Brown



Alan Pritchard

0161 747 6721


Vincent Donohue

0161 747 6934

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