St. Vincent de Paul
RC Church
OL12 7QL

Parish Priest :
Father James Manock.

01706 645361

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Saturday Evening Quiz
Many thanks to all who joined in with our 50 weekly Zoom quizzes during lockdown over the past year.
The Quiz, organised by Rochdale Catenians raised over 3000 from contributions from the Quizzers leading to a total around 6500 for Target Ovarian Cancer.






Special Update for Hope in the Future 3 (Sheet4)
Special Update for Hope in the Future 3 (Sheet 3)

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      2nd May 2021 Fifth Sunday of Easter (B)


Tonight Tuesday 23rd February ! Co-Op Wine Tasting. Register Here

During the two weeks of Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, individuals, groups and companies come together to celebrate the people in developing countries who grow our food, but who are often underpaid and exploited.

This year, the focus of Fairtrade Fortnight is climate change, and the growing problems this poses to farmers and workers within the Fairtrade community. The two-week period will highlight the facts; climate change is a huge challenge for farmers and workers in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Honduras, yet these are the countries who have contributed least to the causes of climate change. Droughts, crop disease, floods, heatwaves and shrinking harvests are among the challenges they face. When the Fairtrade Foundation spoke to some of these farmers, they were told that they felt climate change was one of the biggest obstacles their generation is facing. They also commented that only with more money would they feel equipped to meet their everyday needs and deal with the devastating challenges climate change brings.

Choosing to buy fair trade, ethical food and drink is everyday activism, and is the simplest way to change the world. Through fair trade, farmers and growers can earn enough to feed their families, send their children to school, provide a future for their local community and look into solutions to the problems they face due to climate change.

This Fairtrade Fortnight, we invite you to join Traidcraft on a journey stretching over forty years of UK fair trade, fighting for them and fighting with them. Why not embark upon your own fair trade journey by choosing to buy your fair trade goods from our collection of Fairtrade Fortnight special offers and discounts.

We’ve curated our favourite fair trade food, snacks, and treats, all available to buy online. From the very finest fair trade brands like Divine Chocolate and Zaytoun, to a wide range of Traidcraft’s own fairtrade chocolate, coffee, tea, biscuits, and more – there’s a world of quirky flavours and ethical bites waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

How will you celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight this year?

You can view the latest Fairtrade Catalogue Here.

Fairtrade Easter Eggs Poster

Fairtrade Easter Cards


  • St Vincent's Parish supports Fair Trade and is well on its way to becoming a Fair Trade Parish.
  • These are the criteria:
     1. Use Fair Trade tea and coffee when serving refreshments
     2. Move forward in using other Fair Trade Products such as sugar, biscuits and fruit.
     3. Promote Fair Trade in Fair Trade Fortnight and through events, worship and other activities throughout the year.





The new Traidcraft Summer Catalogue is available for browsing online here

Five Good Traidcraft Reasons to buy FAIRTRADE goods.

1. FAIRTRADE means fair prices for farmers in the developing world.

2. Farmers who get a fair price can invest in their families and communities and trade their way out of poverty.

3. Many of the farmers who produce our first meal or drink of the day miss out themselves. 

4. Buying FAIRTRADE doesn't have to cost more.

5. Products with a FAIRTRADE logo have met international FAIRTRADE standards.

Your support will make a difference. Thank you

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